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Whirlpool WED5300SQ dryer Specs - CNET

View full Whirlpool WED5300SQ dryer specs on CNET....<<more>>

Miele T9820 LP dryer Specs - CNET

de-crease option, delicate, extra drying, hand iron, intensive dry, normal, quick refresh, rapid dry, ultra delicate, woollens...<<more>>

Sludge Drying System - Shandong Tianli Drying Technology

1. Process Description of Sludge Directly Drying System 1.1 Working principle Wet sludge (60-80%) is fed into dryer though screw conveyer,under the function of disintegrator and liftout plate, wet sludge is disintegrated and mixed well with hot gas....<<more>>

Sludge Drying System : Water & Environmental Systems

A sludge drying system is designed to largely reduce the volume and weight of excess sludge generated by treatment plants using dehydration and drying equipment. *1 DS= dry sludge *2 The moisture content of excess sludge varies depending on the sludge characteristics or other factors....<<more>>

Biosolids Dryer | Komline-Sanderson

Komline-Sanderson's pumping, thickening, dewatering, and drying technologies are used to help both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants reduce their sludge and biosolids disposal cost....<<more>>

Solar Sludge Drying System | Parkson Corporation

The system, which includes our sludge drying bed, is engineered to incorporate very few moving parts in order to maximize reliability and minimize maintenance costs. The international award-winning Electric Mole? automatically turns, distributes and aerates the sludge to increase drying performance significantly....<<more>>

The specialist for sewage sludge drying - Thermo-System

The specialist for sewage sludge drying! Solar drying of biosolids - Drying plants for sludge - solar and with heat using. Solar sludge drying with the Electric Mole? and the SludgeManager?....<<more>>

BioCon? Thermal Sludge Drying System - Veolia Water

The Biocon process is a safe, simple, and efficient sludge drying technology developed by Veolia / Kruger. The drying process is comprised of a drying cabinet, circulation fans, heat exchangers, heating system, condenser, and two stainless steel wire mesh belts....