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Atmosphere Control System for Annealing Furnaces - Vaisala

Atmosphere Control System for Annealing Furnaces ues as well as information on flow rate and composition are gathered. A sampling system is used to cool down and filter the hot furnace gas before it reaches the sensor. The cooling section is controlled through oxygen and pressure measurement....<<more>>

Types of Backfill, Partial Pressure and Cooling Gases for

The choice of backfill or partial pressure gas for a particular vacuum furnace system remain important considerations from a metallurgical as well as fiscal standpoint. Properly sized, installed and leak tested backfill gas piping and surge (accumulator) tanks are recommended for proper system integrity and performance....<<more>>

Encapsulation of GaAs and GaAs Pd in furnace annealing

Vacuum/volume 41/numbers 4-6/pages 1029 to 1032/1990 0042-207X/90S3.00 + .00 Printed in Great Britain O 1990 Pergamon Press plc Encapsulation of GaAs and annealing GaAs-Pd in furnace J M Molarius*, K Morishita, E Kolawa and M-A Nicolet, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA Arsenic has a tendency to evaporate during high temperature annealing of GaAs....<<more>>

Comparing Argon and Nitrogen Cooling in Vacuum Furnaces

Comparing Argon and Nitrogen Cooling in Vacuum Furnaces. Table 1. Hardness and tensile results for Inco X-750 and 321 stainless 180° bend over D=T – are shown in Table 3 as well as grain size and surface contamination. The microstructure is shown in Figs. 2 and 3. Fig. 2. 321 CRES solution Maximizing Vacuum Furnace Gas-Quenching ...<<more>>

WIRE ANNEALING FURNACE - Wuxi Shenda Nail Machinery

China WIRE ANNEALING FURNACE catalog of Electric Well Type Vacuum Annealing Furnace for Wire Drawing Process, Automatic Vertical Pit Well Type Wire Annealing Fumace/Binding Wire Furnace provided by China manufacturer - Wuxi Shenda Nail Machinery Factory, page1....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Products - lakshmivacuum

Vacuum Brazing Furnaces are engineered for high temperature laboratories and industrial heat treatment applications that include Sintering, brazing, stress relieving and annealing....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces - High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces. Providing you the best range of high temperature vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vertical vacuum furnace, horizontal vacuum furnace and vacuum annealing & hardening furnace with effective & timely delivery....<<more>>

Gas Furnace Suppliers Manufacturers | IQS Directory

As a manufacturer of industrial furnaces, gas furnaces, laboratory furnaces, vacuum furnaces, regenerative furnaces and more, Oxy-gon Industries offers over 200 years combined experience in the vacuum/inert atmosphere furnace industry and serves aerospace, computers, communications and nuclear applications....<<more>>

mae in china fully cly ie steel oil quenching gas cooling

20121023-high pressure gas quenching 3 Furnace Atmospheres steel parts give unique improvements in wear and gas cooling Vacuum furnaces (includ (An English-Chinese Ship Dictionary,52564) Read More...<<more>>

Technical Data Sheet Bright Annealing

for vacuum annealing. Austenitic stainless tubing in such an atmosphere can be heated to above 1900°F (1038°C) to The metallurgy of bright annealing has been reasonably well defined for some time. In order to achieve a bright result, the most stable High velocity furnace gas should be used for fast cooling...<<more>>

IN METAL HEAT TREATING M etal heat treatments such as

triding require furnace atmospheres that have controlled water vapor concentrations. Measurement of atmosphere dew point tem- Dew point temperature is defined as the temperature to which a gas mix- (272.55 + T)] Eq. 2 e s = Saturation water vapor pressure, millibars (e sw, water; e si, ice) P = Barometric or process pressure, millibars ...<<more>>

Super Series? Vacuum Furnaces, Heat Treating Furnace

T-M Vacuum Super Series vacuum furnaces are the high vacuums – high-temperature, technically advanced vacuum furnaces to satisfy all of your heat-treating needs. There is a two cubic work zone within the all- stainless steel chamber of these vacuum furnaces that are capable of holding up to 200 pounds of material....<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing furnace - Type B5_T - BMI Fours Industriels

B5_T, vacuum furnace for high-temperature treatments. The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment). These furnaces will be particularly well suited to the applications of vacuum annealing and ageing as well as brazing ...<<more>>

Lab Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

Additionally CM furnaces maintains a strong custom engineering team capable of modifying your lab furnace to highly individual specs, or adding common options like chimney’s, view ports, gas injectors, or advanced thermal control capabilities....<<more>>

Series 1800 - CM Furnaces Inc

Gas sealed systems, thermal cycling systems, as well as custom designs and specialized control systems are offered. The 1800 Series furnaces incorporate a graded insulation package using high purity alumina fiber....<<more>>

Industrial furnace for steel hardening, tempering

The vacuum-purge type tray-pusher bright annealing furnace has been well-received for its value-added production. Strand Conveyor Furnace This furnace is used for annealing wires of various materials such as stainless steel and Nichrome....<<more>>

Overview of Common Vacuum Furnace Equipment - vacaero

Vacuum furnaces are available in numerous styles and sizes and come in both standard and custom configurations. They are designed to process an almost limitless number of both semi-finished component parts as well as raw materials using a diverse set of thermal processes in equipment available from a wide variety of different equipment manufacturers located around the world....<<more>>

Shaft Furnaces Te/g (V) Series - WESMAN

IVA vertical shaft furnaces series Te/g (V) are supplied with or without a retort. These systems are mainly used at type multi-purpose furnaces, vacuum chamber furnaces, vacuum shaft furnaces, oscillating table furnaces, conveyor belt continuous furnaces, drum-type furnaces and rotary table furnaces for annealing, gas carburizing ...<<more>>

annealing oven | TPS Site Search

The Blue M Inert Gas Mechanical Convection Oven, which we pressure-test at normal operating levels, is ideal for industrial oven applications that involve processing materials in a controlled atmosphere environment, as well as dry packaging of electronic components....<<more>>

professional vacuum gas quenching furnace for removal of

Gas Quenching Furnace - Type B8_T. BMI's B8_T range is a gas cooling vacuum furnace with a patented rotative cooling system. Horizontal Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnace - Type B8_TThese h...<<more>>

BMICRO series - Quenching furnace / gas quenching / bell

Find out all of the information about the B.M.I. Fours Industriels product: quenching furnace / gas quenching / bell / gas BMICRO series. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale....