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Laboratory melting furnace - vacfurnace

Laboratory melting furnace from the furnace cover, furnace, furnace bottom, crucible rotary mechanism, vacuum system and IF power control system. Furnace cover, furnace and bottom are used double-layer water-cooled structure, keeping the furnace shell temperature does not exceed 60 ℃....<<more>>

Laboratory Melting Furnace, Laboratory Melting Furnace

Laboratory Electric Heat Treatment Vacuum Atmosphere Crucible Melting Furnace Vacuum Atmosphere Crucible Furnace Specification 1.High quality heating element 2.Stainless steel vacuum flange with one two ball valves and vacuum gauge is included for immediate use....<<more>>

Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces: Series 5SA | Centorr Vacuum

The furnace system consists of the Single Arc Furnace, a D.C. power supply, and a set of water-cooled power cables to bring power and water to the furnace. Because of its simplicity, ease of access into the furnace, and small volume, the furnace is very easily purged....<<more>>

Melting Furnaces up to 1500 °C | Home - Nabertherm Industrial

Melting furnace KC 2/15 These compact melting furnaces for the melting of non-ferrous metals and alloys are one of a kind and have a number of technical advantages. Designed as tabletop models, they can be used for many laboratory applications....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces (VIM) | ECM Technologies

vim furnace materials vacuum induction melting for industries The VIM (vacuum induction melting) Furnace is a tool dedicated to the elaboration of materials. Enjoy the latest technologies for melting :...<<more>>

Vacuum Melting Of Low Alloy Steel

The effect of vacuum melting on the elimination of gases and nonmetallic inclusions for six low-alloy steels was investigated. The purpose of these studies was the analysis and comparison of differences in gas content and inclusions in air-melted and vacuum-melted steel....<<more>>

Arcast Products - Arc 50 Cold Crucible Melting Furnace

Arc 50 Cold Crucible Arc Melting Furnace and Casting Module The Arcast Inc Micro Vacuum Arc Melter offers the ability to melt, cast and rapidly solidify metal alloys of nominal 50 gram mass using a clean, ceramic free cold crucible process....<<more>>

Crucible Melting Furnace | Thermal Product Solutions | TPS

Our 1500°C Crucible Furnace is designed for easy maintenance and convenient operation. The efficient design allows for dependability and durability. Insulation aids in heating uniformity for precise, uniform temperature control which is required for today’s high-temperature processes....<<more>>

Alumina Crucibles for Induction Melting of Superalloy Metals

Ideal for induction melting of superalloy metals, in vacuum or oxidizing atmospheres. Markets served include: Aerospace, Crystal Growing, Dental, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Medical, Precious Metals and the processing of Zircon and Zirconia....<<more>>

High Vacuum Furnace for Laboratory Use - ScienceDirect

High Vacuum Furnace for Laboratory Use By T. NAGASHIMA Electrotechnical Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan The vacuum furnace described in this paper is capable of melting the metals by ordinary radiofrequency induction-heating from the outside of the furnace, and of casting the melt in vacuum....<<more>>

High Temperature Assay Furnace For Melting Gold With 1300C

Laboratory Electric Crucible Furnace For Melting Laboratory digital thermometer high temperature muffle furnace. Cupellation Furnaces, Assay Furnaces and Gold Melting Crucible Furnaces ....<<more>>

vacuum laboratory furnace-The best lab furnace manufacturer

Protech series vacuum laboratory furnace is widely used for heat treatment of metal materials in high vacuum,recursive,protective atmosphere,also can be used for heat treatment of special materials such as carbonization fiber with excellent thermal insulation.Vacuum Reservoir with water cooling system.The vacuum can reach 7x10^-3 Pa with diffusion pump or molecular pump....<<more>>

1200 Laboratory Pit type Vacuum Crucible Furnace - eBay

“ This is a brand new 1200 Laboratory Pit type Vacuum Crucible Furnace Chamber Box Muffle Furnace, it's Widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractorymaterials, new materials development, special materials, building materials, and for laboratory etc....<<more>>

Melting Furnace | Non-Ferrous Melting & Holding Furnace

Variety of non-ferrous melting and holding furnaces available for a range of applications. Maximize production rates and save costs....