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Induction Melting Furnaces - Inductotherm Group

Induction Melting Furnaces placeholder placeholder placeholder placeholder placeholder Inductotherm brand coreless melting furnaces provide superior performance and outstanding durability for all your melt shop needs, regardless of the size of your foundry....<<more>>

Remelting Variations Under Vacuum I I I + supply

proximately 1 kA/kg for small furnaces to about 0.2 kA/kg for large pouring weights. This batch-type skull melting furnace allows for cycle times of approximately 1 h a full 50 kg (110 lb) pumping/melting/casting cycle, melting and vacuum induction melting (for superaUoys, specialty steels, and nonfer-...<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace Manufacturers China

Vacuum system directly connect to exhaust port on the furnace shell. The system includes oil vapor diffusion pump, two stage rotary pump, valve, pipeline, etc. The vacuum system has a 0-0.1Mpa pressure gauge, to check the rough vacuum and negative pressure of protective atmosphere....<<more>>

Vacuum Melting Of Low Alloy Steel

Samples as much as 20 pounds in weight were melted and cast in a vacuum-induction furnace (fig. 2), consisting of a bottom-pour crucible with pouring valve assembly, a melting chamber that was constructed of shaped K-28 insulating brick, and induction coils that were mounted coaxially outside a stationary quartz tube....<<more>>

Vertical type automatic 100kg induction furnace, View

Vertical type automatic 100kg induction furnace ? Equipped with advanced vacuum furnace dedicated medium-frequency power, ? digital Control, 8-passageway water flow control protection and pressure protection, ? electric command device adopt electrical contactor manufactured by Sneijder or Siemens, ? while output cable adopt water-cooled cable....<<more>>

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Our Bottom Loading / Vertical Vacuum furnace has accurate temperature measurement and safety over temperature controller. We have complete automation for heat & vacuum cycle. Our Furnaces are used in applications like Case Hardening, Normalizing, Brazing, Sintering, Tempering etc....<<more>>

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Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces (VIM) Banyard. Vertical Billet Heaters. top pouring or bottom pouring (‘uphill casting’) can be utilized We have purchased Inductotherm make induction melting furnace of capacity 2250KW-tritrak (12 pulse converter)/1000KW-1000kg which commissioned at our works on 17/08/2013. ...<<more>>

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Vacuum induction heating furnaces utilise a static cylindrical induction coil with graphite susceptor and carbon based insulation. Insulation pack and susceptor are designed to suit process type and customer preference....<<more>>

US2707718A - Induction pump for casting molten metals

The influence of these pressures in the melting section of a submerged resistor type induction furnace is illustrated in Fig. li) of the attached drawings which represents the current influenced loop section and the lower portion of the metal holding hearth of the furnace....<<more>>


The business unit induction melting furnaces constructs, produces and installs. crucible melting furnaces (medium-frequency), channel-type melting-, holding- and casting furnaces, casting plants; for the metals iron, steel, copper, aluminium, magnesium, silicon and zinc....<<more>>

1500oC Max. Atmosphere Controlled Continuous Casting

IMCS-1500RC is an induction melting and continuous casting furnace, which can cast rod, plate or wire cintinuously for various non-ferrous metals and allos up to 5 kg at Max. 1500 oC under Ar gases environment....<<more>>

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Furnace Manufacturing & Heat Treatment Service. Send us your requirement to contactus@therelek and any queries through phone contact +91 92431 12371....<<more>>

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Today, over half the vacuum or controlled atmosphere melting furnaces around the globe bear the Consarc name. Consarc is an Inductotherm Group company, a strategic part of one of the world’s largest groups developing technologies for the melting and processing of high-performance metals and alloys....<<more>>

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Vertical Vacuum Crucible Gold Metal Melting Furnace For Vertical Vacuum Crucible Gold Metal Melting Furnace For Ceramic Sintering With High Speed , Find Complete Details about Vertical Vacuum Crucible Gold Metal...<<more>>


Topcast TMF are induction furnaces of small size capable of melting any type of metal: ferrous, non-ferrous metals, precious. TOPCAST proposes its wide line of Medium Frequency Induction Melting furnace ranging from 5 kW to 500 kW. They use a bottom pouring mechanism to transfer the metal from the crucible to...<<more>>

Horizontal or Vertical Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace

Vacuum induction melting furnace is mainly used for the melting in vacuum or protective atmosphere. The raw material can be silver-base alloy, nickel-base alloy, steel alloy, special stainless steel, oxygen-free copper, rare earth Nd-Fe-B, and other metal materials....<<more>>

Control of Slag and Insoluble Build-up in Melting Furnaces

Channel Furnaces: Another type of induction melting furnace is the channel furnace. The channel and The channel and the coreless induction furnaces mainly differ in the placement of the induction coil and the metal bath....<<more>>

Dura-Line Furnaces - Inductotherm Corp.

Dura-Line? induction melting furnaces with an optional double-trunnion, hydraulic tilt design offers the precision pouring control you need if your induction melting and casting operation requires a precise pour into a stationary opening....<<more>>

Design Analysis of an Electric Induction Furnace for

AU J.T. 9(2): 83-88 (Oct. 2005) casting. Since this furnace is of small capacity, a manually operated tilting mechanism is adopted. The furnace is hinged on at the spout edge with a shaft and bearings....<<more>>


Vacuum Melting & Casting Ferrous Metals. TVM - Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (VIM) pouring by gravity, either from a cold crucible (skull melting) per pristine meltings, or hot crucible when you need overheating and high energy efficiency; Topcast TMF are induction furnaces of small size capable of melting any type of metal: ferrous...