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Vacuum Sintering Furnaces | High-Temp Sintering Furnaces

Vacuum sintering produces consistent, bright parts with no seams, joints, or fillers. Powdered metal, metal injection molding, 3D printing, and other similar technologies can benefit greatly from the superior quality and flexibility of vacuum sintering....<<more>>

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Vacuum sintering furnace is for metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds in a vacuum or protective atmosphere sintering products can also be used for metal materials, heat treatment....<<more>>

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Silicon carbide ceramics sintering process. Silicon carbide ceramic is a new and with good performance of the friction material.It has the quality of light weight,high heat intensity and strong resistance to radiation; and has property of high self-lubricating low friction coefficient, high hardness, wear resistance,good pair performance,high chemical stability, corrosion resistance,good ...<<more>>

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Following the vacuum sintering process, 6 to 10 MPa Argon gas is introduced into the furnace at sintering temperature to further reduce porosity and to ensure the material quality of high-performance hard metal tools and other sintered parts....<<more>>

Vacuum Sintering: Why Choose a Vacuum Furnace for Sintering?

Benefits of a Vacuum Sintering Furnace Much like heat treatment and brazing, vacuum sintering allows for more control over the quality of your parts, and a cleaner product post-sintering. In general, it's a highly efficient process that reduces (or eliminates) the need for secondary fabrications....<<more>>

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Our staggering product range covers vacuum gas atomization powder manufacturing equipment, integrated vacuum degreasing and sintering furnace, atmosphere sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum hot pressure furnace, microwave sintering furnace, industrial melting furnace, quench furnace, brazing furnace and air separator, etc....<<more>>

Vacuum Sintering Furnace for Powder Metallurgy, MIM, 3D Print

Process Description Sintering is a process required for many different parts and applications, including powder metallurgy, metal injection molding (MIM) and 3D printing components of various types or beading applications including abrasives....<<more>>

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Vacuum brazing, and brazing in general, is an often-overlooked but highly essential process in metal joining. Its close cousins, soldering and welding, can at times overshadow this highly useful and effective joining process....<<more>>

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Alibaba offers 267 lab sintering and brazing furnace products. About 49% of these are industrial furnace. A wide variety of lab sintering and brazing furnace options are available to you, such as sintering furnace, heat treatment furnace, and holding furnace....<<more>>

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What is Brazing? Brazing joins metals by flowing a thin capillary thickness layer, of non-ferrous filler metal into the space between them. Bonding results from the intimate contact produced by dissolution of a small amount of base metal into the molten filler metal, without fusion of the base metal....<<more>>

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace. Vacuum sintering, refers to the process that making the powder material into dense material in the condition of the vacuum.People use this process to produce ceramics, powder metallurgy, refractories, ultra-high temperature materials....<<more>>

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The simple step-by-step guide to vacuum sintering is a FREE comprehensive eBook that covers everything you need to know about successful sintering process in vacuum.This knowledge can be used to optimize processes for cost savings and productivity benefits....<<more>>

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model: XD-1200VCB Vertical Vacuum Box Furnace XD-1200VCB Vertical Vacuum Box Furnace is a vacuum chamber furnace with 8" diameter x 7" height vertical quartz liner and stainless steel vacuum flange. It is designed for calcining or sintering ceramic material or ...<<more>>

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Common vacuum furnace applications include annealing, brazing, sintering and heat treatment. Our chambers are double-walled, water-cooled, manufactured from 304L grade stainless steel and are electro-polished for a clean, durable finish with excellent vacuum integrity....<<more>>

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Under vacuum conditions, the degree of the vacuum shall be 10- 3 – 10- 4 mmHg and the sintering temperature shall be 800 °C–1350 °C. Ta and Nb can easily absorb H, O, N, and C and then become brittle....