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Liquid Ring Compressors | NASH

NASH liquid ring compressors are the rugged, reliable solution for demanding process applications. Designed to compress wet, saturated, or dirty gases, our compressors have a history of reliable performance under difficult conditions such as oil & gas, chemical, vapor recovery, etc., without downtime for repairs or rebuilds....<<more>>

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

US Vacuum is your source for oil and liquid ring, rotary piston or vane vacuum pumps, including brands such as Kinney, Welch, Busch, Reitschle, Travaini pumps and more! Great prices on all types of Vacuum Pumps. Special University and Government discounts available....<<more>>

Vacuum & Compressor Combined Pumps - ThomasNet

Distributor of standard & custom pumps including vacuum assisted, vacuum & compressor combined & liquid ring vacuum pumps. Pumps are available in caste iron, bronze, stainless steel, plastic & fiberglass materials & in different sizes, styles & specifications....<<more>>

How to Size Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - Graham

Many liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers publish dry air curves with 60°F seal water (Figure 2). From these curves, correc-tions are made to take into account actual operating conditions....<<more>>

What is a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump? - mi-air

When dealing with extreme vapor loads, the liquid ring vacuum pump is the most ideal pump for the project.It’s called liquid ring because it accepts any liquid with the right vapor pressures, although water is most often used as the sealant....<<more>>

Water (Liquid) Ring Vacuum Pump - Made-in-China

If the pump is used for vacuuming while transferring gas, the pressure of pump outlet exceeds the standard atmosphere pressure. When the outlet pressure exceeds 0.15MPa, the special double-stages liquid ring compressor should be chosen and not the vacuum pump refitted....<<more>>

Air Compressor Vacuum Pump | Quincy Compressor

The QVMS is an air-cooled direct-drive vacuum air compressor pump with a 2-10 hp and 8-378 scfm capacity. Specifically designed and engineered for medical vacuum use, the QVMS can meet the requirements of high-demand hospital applications....<<more>>

Guide to Vacuum Pumps | Quincy Compressor

A liquid ring vacuum will accept any liquid with the right vapor pressure qualities. In most applications, water is used as the sealant, with oil being a distant second. Therefore, liquid ring vacuums that are oil-sealed generally need to be cooled with air....<<more>>

Liquid-ring pump - Wikipedia

A liquid-ring pump is a rotating positive-displacement pump.. They are typically used as a vacuum pump, but can also be used as a gas compressor.The function of a liquid-ring pump is similar to a rotary vane pump, with the difference being that the vanes are an integral part of the rotor and churn a rotating ring of liquid to form the compression-chamber seal....<<more>>

TRV - Vari-ported Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump | PFS Pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are capable of handling non-condensable gas with high volumes of vapours, condensable and liquids. Pump service liquid can be water or other liquids such as oils or solvents to satisfy almost any process requirement....<<more>>


kv series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors Kakati, the Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in India, introduced KV series liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors to the market over 35 years ago and having over 7000 installations worldwide, the KV Series is the most popular vacuum pump ever built by Kakati....<<more>>

Industrial Vacuum Pumps and Systems | Dekker Vacuum

Dekker Vacuum Technologies, Inc. specializes in custom-engineered vacuum systems and offers a wide range of industrial vacuum pumps, VMax / Oil Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Systems (35-5,400 CFM) Duravane / Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Systems; AquaSeal / Water Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems (15-39,000 CFM)...<<more>>

China Electric Vacuum Pump - China Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

Overview 2BV series water ring electric vacuum pump is suitable for pump air with water vapor, inspiratory pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure ....<<more>>

How does a vacuum pump work? - Quora

A vacuum pump draws air/gas from a sealed chamber and leaves behind vacuum. There are three ways of doing this: Using a positive displacement pump: Rotary vane pump, Diaphragm pump, liquid ring pump, Reciprocating Piston pump, Screw pump, Gear pump….To name a few....<<more>>

Vacuum Pumps - Industrial & Commercial Air Compressors

GHS350VSD+ AC 460V/3PH IEC-UL/CUL 7.5 HP 240 CFM VSD Oil-Sealed Rotary Screw Vacuum Pump Call for Price HP: 7.5 CFM: 240...<<more>>

Choose the Right Vacuum Pump - Graham Corporation

otherwise “wet” loads is the liquid ring vacuum pump (Figure 2). In its approximately water, ethylene glycol, mineral oil and organic liquid, contamination is minimized and the condensed process fluid is available for reuse in the plant. The advantages of liquid ring vacuum pumps are as follows: lSimpler design than most other ...<<more>>

ProCESS TEChNoLogY Water ring pumps - mainpress

ProCESS TEChNoLogY Water ring pumps A wet vacuum source is a device wherein a fluid aids in the generation for a single-stage water ring vacuum pump. At that end-vacuum, the capacity correc-tion factor is 0.58, which means that the Inert gas or air (from a ring-liquid tank or atmosphere) is used as motive gas to operate the ejector ...<<more>>

Liquid Ring Pump - Atlas Copco Australia

The AW liquid ring vacuum pump are available in either single (AWS) or two stage pumps (AWS) and has a capacity of 170-37500 m3/h deliver vacuum levels down to 30mbar(a). Our liquid ring vacuum pumps are ideal for specific, humid, dirty and/or large applications in heavy industries....<<more>>

Airtech USA - Custom Blower & Vacuum Pump Engineering

Airtech is an industry-leading manufacturer that is passionate about delivering the best vacuum and pump solutions to our customers. That’s why we fully understand that sometimes, the best solution is a custom one designed to fit your specific application....<<more>>

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Our used equipment department is here to help you find the equipment you need for the pulp and paper industry at an advantageous price. We have a large inventory of refurbished pulp and paper equipment....<<more>>

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

Ring Vacuum Pumps with Steam Jet Ejectors, commonly referred to as a hybrid system, is one of the more efficient methods of producing process vacuum. The LRVP is a specific form of rotary positive-displacement pump utilizing liquid as the principal element...