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Bath Salt Furnace - HKFurnace

Electrode Salt Bath Furnace (650℃) Quenching of high-speed tool steels, aircraft parts, brazing of aircraft engine parts, heat exchanger parts, and aircraft control radar parts....<<more>>

Salt bath furnace - Zhongli Furnace Industry

Immersed electrode salt bath furnace is national standard energy-saving batch type heat treatment furnace, used for heating metal parts in melting salt or salt-mixture liquid. According to the needs of heat treatment temperature,can be divided into: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature....<<more>>

Salt Bath Furnaces Suppliers - ThomasNet

Custom manufacturer of salt bath furnaces. Salt bath furnace applications include preheating, austenitizing, martempering, neutral hardening, high-speed tool hardening, tempering, nitriding, carburizing, solution heat treating & dip brazing....<<more>>

The Basics of Molten Salt Quenchants - Heatbath

The same salt bath can be used for a high-temperature process as well as a low-temperature process, including tempering. Dragout losses could conceivably be low, since salt would take longer to freeze after the parts are removed from the bath....<<more>>

High Speed Salt Bath Furnaces | Upton Industries

Superior to Vacuum or Controlled Atmosphere. Upton salt bath furnaces offer the ultimate in temperature uniformity for minimized distortion and residual stresses, producing maximum physical properties without requiring a skilled operating technician....<<more>>

Aluminum Vacuum Brazing Furnace - vacfurnace

Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace should have the international advanced level of reliable fully automated control, monitoring, tracking and self-diagnosis functions.Energy-saving brazing furnace, the welding temperature below 700 degrees, no pollution, ideal salt bath brazing replacement....<<more>>

Vacuum Hardening High-Strength Steels: Oil Vs. Gas Quenching

Because vacuum furnaces are inherently leak tight, control of surface chemistry is precise, and the decarburization and high-temperature oxidation problems often associated with salt baths and controlled-atmosphere furnaces can be eliminated....<<more>>

Bench Furnaces - ThomasNet

Salt bath furnaces such as automated salt bath systems, ceramic salt bath furnaces, high speed salt bath furnaces, mar-ausquenching salt bath furnaces, internally heated salt bath furnaces, externally heated salt pot furnaces & graphite electrode salt bath furnaces are available....<<more>>

Heat treatment vacuum furnace quench oil cooling

Heat treatment vacuum furnace is heated by medium temperature and high temperature salt bath furnace.It is used to grade isothermal cooling and tempering with low temperature alkaline bath and nitrifying bath....<<more>>

Maintenance procedures for vacuum furnaces - Vacaero

Maintenance procedures for vacuum furnaces February 10, 2018 by Alan Charky Maintenance procedures and safe working conditions are essential in maintaining vacuum furnaces as is the proper preparation of components to be heat treated prior to charging to the furnace....<<more>>

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment - ?Tü

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment ? Vacuum furnace Air Material Handling Car Bottom Furnace ? Salt Bath Furnace ? Pit furnace....<<more>>

Heat treatment with Salt bath furnaces | Heat Treating

When transferring from high temperature furnace to salt quench, barium chloride is carried into the bath at about 1000 to 1100 o. Since the quench mixture usually consists of barium, calcium, sodium and potassium chlorides, excess barium settles and must be periodically removed....<<more>>

high temperature furnace – Nabertherm

Nabertherms high temperature furnace. Nabertherm is a German based manufacturer of high temperature furnaces since 1947. The high temperature furnaces are used for various applications like sintering of ceramics, melting of metals or glass, annealing, testing of different materials....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Salts Information | Engineering360

Heat treatment salts are melted in a salt bath furnace or system to form a molten salt bath. Parts are dipped into the molten salt to clean, descale, anneal, temper, quench, cure, nitride, carburize, carbonitride, case harden or coat....<<more>>

Salt Bath Nitriding - Ferritic Nitrocarburizing - DHN - DHFNC

Salt Bath Nitriding/Nitrocarburizing was originally created as an alternative to gas nitriding that would produce a more uniform case through surface contact between the substrate and liquid salt....