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WHF - Roller furnace / gas by Fives DMS | DirectIndustry

In this type of furnace, products are moved inside the furnace by the walking movement of the hearth. Benefits Low fuel consumption Movable hearth and stationary hearth are covered with a proven refractory material for good metallurgical properties of heated products Reliable furnace operation Long factory life...<<more>>

China Walking Beam Heating Treatment Furnace - China

Taiyuan PLS Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. Walking Beam Heating Treatment Furnace, Heating Treatment Furnace, Furnace manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Walking Beam Heating Treatment Furnace, Rotating Flying Shear, Walking Beam Cooling Bed and so on....<<more>>

Heating Equipment - Furnaces

Most heat treat furnaces are pre-assembled and factory calibrated to minimize installation cost and ensure uniform temperature throughout the oven. Fuel trains for gas & oil fires ovens consist of UL, FM or CSA agency listed discrete manual shutoff valves, pressure regulators and automatic fuel shutoff valves....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace - Salt Bath Furnace Manufacturer

Indotherm Equipment Corporation is the manufacturer and Supplier of Reheating Furnace, Forging Furnace, Pit Type Furnaces, Aluminium Melting Furnace, Recuperator, Industrial Burner and allied equipments in the need of Heat Treatment Industry....<<more>>

China Furnace manufacturer, Bogie-Hearth Furnace, Box

Wuhan City Hankou Electric Furnace Limited Liability Company is a famous large industrial electric furance plant in China. And it has invested built up a 50000 square meters large industrial plants in Wuhan Dongxihu District, with powerful manufacturing ability it has an annual output of nearly 1, 000 large heat treatment furnace....<<more>>

Box heat treatment furnace -Cooldo Industrial Co.,Ltd

COOLDO Box heat treatment furnace is a flexible single chamber furnace designed for meet many processing requirements. The Box Furnaces are used for normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering, hardening and other high temperature thermal processes for carbon steel, alloy steel, high-speed steel and other metal parts with different heating method in electric, direct fired or indirect gas fired....<<more>>

Keith Company | Bench Top Hardening Heat Treat Cress

The Keith 2250F Rated Cress Bench Top Hardening Heat Treat Furnaces have become industry’s standard throughout the world for both small scale factory production and laboratory R & D where reliable, accurate temperature control, excellent temperature uniformity, long lasting performance, and safe operations are now a necessity....<<more>>

China 1800c Lab Electric Quenching Furnace for Heating

Sante muffle furnaces are applied to Colleges, Universities and Research institutions, process the sintering of cermet material and ceramic material, heat treatment of some monocrystal, refractory material reheat shrinkage researching under high temperature, and used for small batch production....<<more>>

Cooldo Manufacturer Of Induction Melting Furnace for Iron

“Cooldo Provided us the excellent vacuum melting furnace & vacuum slag remelting furnace with reasonable price and high quality, the remelting furnace is high technology , seldom factory can manufacture this type furnace especially the vacuum type slag remelting, luckily, we meet Cooldo, and their engineers have been successfully install the ...<<more>>

JFE’s Holistic Approach for Waste Treatment

dry-type flue gas treatment system, bag filter, wet scrubber, deNOx reactor Ignition Loss of Bottom Ash Refuse‐Derived Fuel (RDF) Heat food factory, etc. another food factory, etc. Transport Company (JR‐East Group)...<<more>>

Equipment - Batch type gas carbonization furnace - Nagato

It installs the carbonization gas in the heating furnace and applies immersion cooling in the oil tank in front of the heating room or gas cooling. The process can be done ? Gas carburizing, Carbonitriding quenching...<<more>>

Aluminium Scrap Recycling Process Plant - AFECO Heating

Aluminium recycling is the process by which scrap aluminium can be reused in products after its initial production. The process involves simply re-melting the metal, which is far less expensive and energy intensive than creating new aluminium through the electrolysis of aluminium oxide (Al2O3), which must first be mined from bauxite ore and then refined using the Bayer process....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace | Manufacturer | Supplier

The Hydrogen Atmosphere Heat Treating Furnace shown here is complete with a humidity control system that adds moisture to the hydrogen as it is introduced into the furnace. The programmable temperature control system monitors and controls the hydrogen and moisture levels as well as the furnace temperature....<<more>>

China Car Bottom Tempering Furnace (Indstrial furnace

Heat Treatment Furnace, Quenching Furnace, Tempering Furnace manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Car Bottom Tempering Furnace (Indstrial furnace) (RT3-180-10), Xn-M90 Multi Stage Back Pressure Steam Turbine, Xn-T40 Double-Layer Layout of Waste Heat Utilization and Co Generation Steam Turbine and so on....<<more>>

New Heat Treatment Furnace Products - Manufacturers

Our equipment are salt bath Furnace, pit type carburizing Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace, pit type nitrating Furnace, car-bottom Furnace and etc. We offer integrated technique and service of relative products with technical consultant for local market in Taiwan and international market....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace

Heat Treatment Furnace We are an unparalleled name in offering a premium quality range of Chamber Type Heat Treatment Furnace which is mainly used for heat treatment process such as hardening, annealing, tempering, brazing, etc. Dimensional accuracy, sturdy construction and corrosion resistant are the main features of .....<<more>>

Direct Fired Vapor Absorption Chiller - Trane

power, water treatment, air pollution control, waste management & resource recovery, and chemicals. It type. Corrugated furnace acts like a bellow that neither Direct Fired Vapor Absorption Chiller EcoChill Nxt7 / 8. Certificates....<<more>>

Alibaba - Induction Heater,Induction Furnace

Bogie Heat Treatment Trolley Electric Car Bottom Furnace For Annealing Alloy Tools Steel Parts. US $2000 - 25000 / Set. Trolley Type Electrical Resistance Heating Treatment Furnace. US $2000 - 25000 / Set. 1 Set Factory price Hot sale fuel and gas melting furnace for aluminum, zinc and other metal....<<more>>

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment - ?Tü

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment ? Heat treating furnaces can beBatch type or continuous Car Bottom Furnace ? Salt Bath Furnace ? Pit furnace. Heat Treating Furnaces Two Primary Types ?Atmospheric – Operated at ambient (atmosphere) pressure....<<more>>

Car Bottom Furnace Systems - Can-Eng English

Recuperative and regenerative burner technology for optimum fuel efficiency available on car furnace designs in the range of 5 tons to 350 tons Dual door and dual chambers with different operating temperatures possible through unique inner door technology....