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DualTherm Dual Chamber Vacuum Furnace - high pressure gas

ALD DualTherm ? –Dual Chamber Vacuum Furnace for Flexible Heat Treatment. ALD Vacuum Technologies has been building vacuum heat treatment plants for more than 40 years. The continuous development of vacuum heat treatment processes with high pressure gas quenching has been state-of-the-art in the field of single part and batch production....<<more>>

Metal Vacuum Furnaces and Chambers - PFI

A vacuum furnace is a type of furnace or chamber that can heat materials, typically metals or metal injection molded (MIM) parts, to very high temperatures and carry out processes such as brazing, sintering and heat treatment with high consistency and low contamination....<<more>>

vacuum furnace equipment

Low vacuum brazing furnace. It is widely used for aluminum plate fin heat exchanger, excavator radiator, leveler radiator, automobile radiator, automobile air conditioner evaporator, condenser, radar plate antenna and waveguide tube....<<more>>

single chamber vacuum high pressure annealing furnace

High quality high temperaturer single chamber vacuum brazing furnacevacuum high pressure gas heating treatment furnace (quenching , annealing , (S)-(+)-Mandelic acid Read More...<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Type B5_T

The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment)....<<more>>

vacuum heat treatment single chamber vacuum furnace heat

The single chamber vacuum furnace can be used in heat treatment processes like: Annealing, hardening, tempering, brazing, case hardening and sintering....<<more>>

Vacuum furnaces for brazing article - SECO/WARWICK

Vacuum furnaces for brazing Typically vacuum furnace for brazing is an advanced cold wall, front-loading vacuum furnace incorporating low or high pressure gas quenching. The furnace is of a compact design with an internal re-circulation blower and A horizontally oriented vacuum chamber is designed for front loading. It...<<more>>

Used Vacuum Furnaces | The Monty | The Monty Heat Treat News

If you are looking for a used vacuum furnace your best source is The Monty". Vacuum hardening furnaces up to 6 bar quenching, vacuum carburizing systems, vacuum tempers and vacuum annealing units-we have them!...<<more>>

Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces: Series 15 Top - centorr

A Furnace System typically consists of the Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly, the High Vacuum System or Evacuation System, the Process Gas System, the Power Supply, The Temperature Control Instrumentation, and the Furnace Mounting System....<<more>>

Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnace,Horizontal Twin Chamber Oil

Description The vacuum oil quenching furnace is suitable for vacuum oil quenching of materials like alloy steel, bearing steel, spring steel, die steel, high-speed steel, etc. Horizontal twin chamber oil quenching furnace can also applied to aging and gas cooling process for the above materials....<<more>>

Vacuum Quenching Furnace, Vacuum Quenching Furnace

VOG vacuum oil quenching cold furnace Mainly used for tool steel, die steel, high-speed steel, bearing steel, spring steel and other materials vacuum oil quenching process ; Equipment technical characteristics 1....<<more>>

ModulTherm? Automated Vacuum Furnace | Ald-Holcroft

ModulTherm ? vacuum furnace systems combine three basics into one linked multi-chamber vacuum furnace system: heat treatment, quenching, and material handling. The quenching and hot vacuum transfer chambers are integrated into a rail-mounted shuttle module that can service 2 to more than even 12 independent treatment chambers....<<more>>

Vacuum Oil Quenching Furnaces - bmi-fours

BMI’s high temperature vacuum furnaces of the _TH family are designed for vacuum oil quenching applications.These vacuum furnaces provide a good profitability over equipment life cycle (low consumptions, no waste, oil bath durability) while offering users a great flexibility by treating a wide scope of steel grades....<<more>>

horizontal twin chamber vacuum high pressure gas quenching

Gas Quenching Furnace Suppliers, all Quality Gas Quenching high-frequency induction quenching furnace Suppliers Chamber Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace ...<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces Wholesale, Furnace Suppliers - Alibaba

The furnace can heat or quench samples fast under vacuum or flowing inert gas situation. 3. The exhaust station is air-cooled and does not require a water source or a high-pressure gas source....<<more>>

CASEMASTER EVOLUTION – Vacuum Furnace Systems with oil and

Fig. 1 Capacity increase in comparison of furnace type: (two chamber Sealed Quench furnace, two chamber CMe D type furnace and three chamber CMe T type furnace; for the typical heat treatment process of 16MnCr5 steel when carburized for 0,6 mm ECD) and applied technology (Control-Atmosphere & PreNitLPC)....<<more>>

vacuum crucible furnace - Kejia Furnace

Kejia vacuum crucible furnace is an standard vacuum chamber furnace. It equips a high purity quartz crucible chamber sitting horizontally. Water-cooled stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves are installed to achieve a vacuum of 10-2 to10-5 Torr through a mechanical or molecular vacuum pump....<<more>>

HHV High vacuum annealing and quenching furnace

High vacuum annealing and quenching furnace The furnace is designed for the heat treatment of Niobium – Zirconium alloy and other alloy tubes at high temperatures. The dimensions of the charge is upto 150 mm diamater and of variable length up to 1500 mm....<<more>>

C.I. Hayes | Batch Oil Quench Vacuum Furnaces

The C.I. Hayes Series VBQ Vacuum/Air Heat Treating Furnace is a modular design system that permits the user to thermally process parts in a variety of controlled atmospheres, including vacuum and air....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - antsalliance

Vacuum Furnace For Nickel Base High Elastic Alloy Heat Double Chamber Furnace With Vacuum Pump For Water Quenc Furnaces Lab Vacuum Furnaces Vacuum Graphitizing Furnace And Carbonization Furnace Vacuum Hydrogen Furnace Vacuum Diffusion Brazing Furnace Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Vacuum Tempering Furnace Vacuum Annealing Furnace Vacuum...