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The Legend of Dragoon FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation by

For The Legend of Dragoon on the PlayStation, FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova....<<more>>

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Rotary Reverberatory Furnace Smelting-Metal Recycling-

The furnace can be designed with effective working volume minimal 0.15m 3, suitable for the recovery of anode slime, PM-containing smelting slag, lead refining dross and all kinds of dust. It can also treat secondary material like scrap copper, WEEE/PCB/IC and etc....<<more>>

Copper and non-ferrous metals metals furnaces, converters

Anode furnace installation. TBRC, Aurubis AG . Main features .smelting and anode slime treatment ; Top blown rotary converters (TBRC) for multi purpose melting and refining of cop-Copper and non-ferrous metals metals furnaces, converters and process technology...<<more>>

High Recovery Precious Metal Vacuum Distillation Furnace

Vacuum distillation furnace is a newly developed distillation furnace by Unionsum.Now it is widely used by customer to recover Sn, Sb, Bi, Ag, and Cd from drosses from refining process, slag, Lead eletro-refining anode slime, Copper eletro-refining anode slime and so on....<<more>>

Lead Anode Slime Recovery Furnace - Buy Anode Slime

Lead Anode slime recovery furnace . Anode slime, which always contain precious metal like Gold (Au), Silver (Ag), Platinum (Pt), Tellurium (Te), Bismuth (Bi), is very worthful for comprehensive recovery....<<more>>

The treatment of copper refinery anode slimes | SpringerLink

W.C. Cooper, “A Review of Processes for the Treatment of Copper Refinery Anode Slimes with Particular Reference to Selenium Behaviour and Recovery,” final report on project no. 169/02/87, Energy, Mines and Resources Canada, CANMET, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0G1 (August 1989)....<<more>>

Anode Slimes Treatment: The Boliden Experience

Anode Slimes Treatment: The Boliden Experience Bjorn M. Ludvigsson and Stig R. Larsson substantially more impurities in the silver anode slime. A new gas-cleaning concept was also introduced in which both thewhen the Boliden Kaldo furnace, a top-blown rotary converter, was introduced for smelting and refining of the anode...