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Ladle Furnace - Vaccume Degassing - Kalyani Carpenter

Carpenter technology with it's headquaters to Reading, Pennsylvania, has been in the business for over a century and is recognized the world over as a producer of speciality steels like stainless steel, tool steel, valve steel and other steels for special applications....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces, Industrial Furnaces

Our vacuum furnaces are used in applications for annealing, brazing, sintering, gas quench (High Pressure Gas Quenching), vacuum oil quench, vacuum carburizing and nitriding (Low Pressure Carburizing, PreNit high speed vacuum carburizing), along with a wide variety of custom engineered process technologies....<<more>>

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Manufacturer of mold steel tool steel and alloy steel . EMAIL:admin@risingsteel: Special steel for the moulding.tooling and forming industries. Rising homepage. About Us. H13/1.2344 Tool Steel. Vacuum Degassing Furnace (VD)..20 TONS Electro-Slagging Remelting Furnaces ...<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treating of Tool Steels : MoldMaking Technology

Tool steel refers to a variety of carbon and alloy steels that are particularly well-suited to be made into tools, however, special attention needs to be paid during their heat treatment so as to achieve the best properties for a given application....<<more>>

Huangshi Huate Special Steel Co., Ltd - Made-in-China

Huangshi Huate Special Steel Co., Ltd (Huangshi Xinfeng Special Steel) is a high-tech private enterprise with broad market prospect, who is specialized in manufacturing rolling and forging high alloy steel including tool steel and die steel, flat bars and round bars....<<more>>

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Sanguan Special Steels dominant products such as cold-work tool steel, hot- work tool steel, plastic mold steel, high speed steel, alloy structure steel, stainless steel which can provide services to coal, electricity, machinery manufacture, railway transportation and other industries....<<more>>

What are mini steel plants? - Quora

It consists of electric arc furnace,ladle refining furnace, vacuum degassing ,vacuum oxygen decarburization or argon oxygen decarburization, ingot casting and continuous casting, rolling mill,etc. It uses scrap and DRI as a raw materials. Mini steel plants mostly produces alloy steel or special steel . 126 Views · View 2 Upvoters....<<more>>

Steel - Electric-arc steelmaking | Britannica

Steel - Electric-arc steelmaking: About one-quarter of the world’s steel is produced by the electric-arc method, which uses high-current electric arcs to melt steel scrap and convert it into liquid steel of a specified chemical composition and temperature....<<more>>


What Is Steel making process? Steel making is the method of processing and producing steel from iron ore and scrap. It focuses on removing the slugs and other unwanted materials like phosphorus, sulphur, silicon, nitrogen, and excess carbon from the raw iron....<<more>>

Understanding Electric Arc Furnace Steel Making Operations

Electric arc furnace (EAF) steel making technology is more than hundred years old. Though De Laval had patented an electric furnace for the melting and refining of iron in 1892 and Heroult had demonstrated electric arc melting of ferro alloys between 1888 and 1892, the first industrial EAF for steel making only came into operation in 1900....<<more>>

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Steel - Secondary steelmaking | Britannica

Steel is the major material for long-span structures. Bending structures originally developed for bridges, such as plate girders and trusses, are used in long-span buildings. Plate girders are welded from steel plates to make I beams that are deeper than the standard rolled…...<<more>>

Heat Treatment Problems Archives - Specialty Steel Treating

Prevent steel heat treatment problems by using these techniques: vacuum furnaces, proper hardening, quenching, tempering and molten salts. Oxidation and decarburization can occur when air, certain furnace types, or combustion products are present....<<more>>

molten steel degassing in vacuum oxygen decarburizing

The leading vacuum supplier for steel degassing providing vacuum solutions for vacuum degassing, vacuum oxygen decarburizing, and Ruhrstahl Heraeus processes Read More oxygen furnace_...<<more>>

Electric arc furnace - Wikipedia

In a steel plant, a ladle furnace (LF) is used to maintain the temperature of liquid steel during processing after tapping from EAF or to change the alloy composition. The ladle is used for the first purpose when there is a delay later in the steelmaking process....<<more>>

US3958918A - Method for elimination of furnace roll pickup

A process for continuous annealing silicon containing sheet steel whereby furnace roll pickup marks are eliminated, said process involving the use of furnace rolls having a silica peripheral surface and maintaining an annealing atmosphere containing hydrogen to water at a ratio of at least 5:1....<<more>>

Carpenter Technology Corporation | Encyclopedia

Elected president of a reorganized Carpenter Steel Company the following year, Infrastructure enhancements in the 1960s included the installation of a 15,000-pound vacuum induction furnace, which permitted the melting of alloys of unprecedented purity, and of a mill capable of rolling thin electronic alloy strip used in transistors and ...<<more>>

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Shanghai Best Alloy Co., Ltd. deal with stainless steel smelt and working. One and only imported VODC vacuum refining furnace is owned by our factory. We successfully produce many kinds of stainless steel and duplex including 309S, 310S, 316N, 317L, 35315, etc....<<more>>

D2 Tool Steel | 1.2379 | X153CrMo12 | SKD11 - QiLu Special

AISI D2 steel tool material is an air hardening steel and will develop hardness on cooling in still air. To avoid scaling and prevent decarburization of the work piece surface, controlled atmosphere or vacuum furnaces are recommended....<<more>>

F erritic Steel Flat Bars Billets ingots -

Integrated Special Steel Producer To assure quality, we have invested in the Decarburizing) VD Furnace LRF Ladle Refining with Argon Purging Heat Treatment With a wide range of Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel & Tool Steel grades, we offer variety of ingots in...<<more>>

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Alloy: our factory have2.5 ton vacuum inductance furnace from U.K., high-precision 20 cold roller machine from U.S.A., XPS from Japan etc., we can product precision metal, high-temperature alloy, corrosion resisting alloy and special stainless steel material....