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Natural gas bogie hearth furnace - Zhongli Furnace Industry

Brief This series natural gas bogie hearth furnace is large energy-saving heat treatment furnace, mainly used for the large metal mechanical parts heat treatment processes for quenching, tempering, normalizing and other heat treatment....<<more>>

Quenching Furnace - HKFurnace

Nitrate Austempering Furnace. Austempering Furnace is an isothermal heat treatment that, when applied to ferrous materials, produces a structure that is stronger and tougher than comparable structures produced with conventional heat treatments....<<more>>

large-scale bogie-hearth gas quenching vacuum furnace

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Xinxiang Zhongli Furnace Industry Co., Ltd. - hardening

Xinxiang Zhongli Furnace Industry Co., Ltd is a professional large-scale manufacturer of all types of heat treatment equipment and heat-resisting alloy steel, integrating development and production together....<<more>>

Bogie hearth furnaces - Cieffe

The bogie furnace is made up of a main structure base for heating very large parts (such as: metal structures, heavy mechanical parts, connectors, flanges and curves, etc) or pieces in bulk that cannot be treated with other types of furnaces....<<more>>

Bogie Hearth Furnace / Car Bottom furnace - HKFurnace

RT4 series Car Bottom Furnace / Bogie Hearth Furnace is the main product of HKFurnace company. It is synchronized with the international advanced industricial furnace technology. are ideal for a variety of thermal treatments including stress relieving, annealing, austenitizing, normalizing, quenching....<<more>>

Gas Furnace Wholesale, Furnace Suppliers - Alibaba

Structure This furnace consist of furnace shell, furnace linings ,furnace door, furnace door hoisting appliance, the natural gas ignition and control system , bogie and driving mechanism and electrical control system, etc. 6....<<more>>

Welcome to Brother Furnace

Brother Furnace offers you the best quality dental equipment, muffle furnace, tube furnace, atmosphere furnace, vacuum furnace on sale. Competitive in its low energy cost, good performance and cheap price and the customized products are also offered....<<more>>

Nolzen Industrieofenbau: Bogie hearth furnaces

On request the bogie hearth furnace can also be installed under the flooring. The forwarding of the batch, for example, for quenching, can be fully automated. In doing so, a variety of construction forms are possible in order to ensure quick quenching with empty times as low as possible....<<more>>

Bogie Hearth Furnace Manufacturer - Hardening, Stress

Description. Our standard bogie hearth furnace goes up to 1500°C, however we make custom designed furnaces for any special requirements. High temperature applications are sintering, hardening, annealing and normalizing whereas low temperature applications are tempering and stress relieving....<<more>>

Industrial Furnace Electric Bogie Hearth Furnace

SIMUWU VACUUM FURNACE, The company specialized in industrial vacuum furnaces manufacturing. Our furnace including heat treatment vacuum furnaces such as vacuum gas quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum gas and oil quenching furnace etc for metal heat treatment industry....<<more>>

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Gas-Fired Bogie-Hearth-Furnace with Bogie Transfer System Furnace Plant for Sintering of Synthetic Bone Replacement Material Fully Automatic Heat Treatment Plant for Steel...<<more>>

Bogie hearth furnance - SlideShare

? Bogie furnaces tend to be long and narrow and to suffer from problems arising from inadequate sealing of the gap between the bogies and furnace shell, difficulties in removing scale, and difficulties in firing across a narrow hearth width....<<more>>

Bogie Hearth Furnaces | CERAMIFOR Kilns & Equipment

Bogie hearth furnaces are particularly recommended for annealing and hardening of large parts at temperatures up to 900°C and 1300°C. The furnace floor is transformed into an isolated mobile platform which is moved in and out of the furnace for loading and unloading materials....<<more>>

Salt bath furnace - Zhongli Furnace Industry

Immersed electrode salt bath furnace is national standard energy-saving batch type heat treatment furnace, used for heating metal parts in melting salt or salt-mixture liquid. According to the needs of heat treatment temperature,can be divided into: low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature....<<more>>

Quench Furnace Manufacturers, Quenching Furnace Suppliers

Vacuum Quenching Furnace Vacuum Quenching Furnace that we are offering is an industry-specific product that is designed for the quenching of the process material under most controlled environment. Quenching is performed under the absence of the air or other gases so that the product under treatment does not get oxidized or .....