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As the furnace load is heated above the liquidus temperature of the braze alloy, the hydrogen atmosphere reduces surface oxides present of the parent material and improves the wettingpresent of the parent material and improves the wetting characteristics of the braze alloy. 1/25/2018 26...<<more>>

A Comparison Study of Hydrogen Storage Thermodynamics and

A Comparison Study of Hydrogen Storage Thermodynamics hydrogen storage alloy by rapid solidi?cation process and 11Ni was prepared in a vacuum induction furnace. To protect Mg from volatilizing, the alloy was put in a helium atmosphere with a pressure of 0.04 MPa. The molten alloy...<<more>>

Reducing hydrogen pores formation in aluminium alloys

During production, storage or handling of the powder, moisture is picked up at the surface of powder particles and can also decrease particles flowability [3] and hinder homogenous deposition of thin powder layers....<<more>>

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Vacuum heat treatment equipment includes vacuum gas quenching furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum carburizing furnace, vacuum Read More diesel gas engine multifuel engine hydrocarbon enginevalve chamber cover rocker arm high lift rocker arm ...<<more>>

Microstructural optimization of LaMg12 alloy for hydrogen

Rapid Solidification was applied to the as cast LaMg12 alloy using a Cu wheel, being at ambient temperature, under Ar atmosphere at three different wheel rotation speeds. Thickness of the obtained ribbon was in the range from 50 ?m for the sample synthesized at 2000 rpm to 200 ?m for the material obtained at 300 rpm....<<more>>

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Process. In the melt spinning (MS) or planar flow casting (PFC) process a molten metal passes a nozzle and immediately touches the water cooled rotating Cu wheel....<<more>>


attracted a lot of attention for hydrogen-storage appli-cations. Much of the research has concentrated on Ti- and quasicrystalline samples through the rapid solidification of a molten alloy on a cold spinning wheel made of copper. The cooling rate of the process has also an 8-bar over-pressure of hydrogen. The furnace was heated up to ...<<more>>

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Only alloy’s sintering temperature limits the furnace temperature. Such drying of the powders eliminates the water adsorbed at their surface, but doesn’t decompose the hydroxides, so it does not allow to eliminate hydrogen porosity completely, unless the powder are dried in vacuum at higher temperatures (~300°C)....<<more>>

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The Z-MET? technique is based on the fact that, during solidification of the molten alloy under vacuum, the impurities behave in a definite manner. The solubility of hydrogen in the solidified metal is 20 times lower than its solubility in the molten metal....<<more>>

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with a cobalt alloy filler metal. A successfully brazed joint often transition point upon solidification. The base metals do not melt, but vacuum). As with flame brazing, furnace-brazed parts are heated to a specific brazing temperature until the filler metal flows. The...<<more>>

Melting and Refining Technology of High-Temperature Steels

the early sixties large vacuum induction furnace installations began to dominate the production of most superalloys but left the high temperature and heat resistant steels to the electric furnace....<<more>>

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The final step in the alloy preparation of hydrogen storage alloy materials is shown in block 22 of FIG. 1. Specifically, the hydrogen storage alloy material is allowed to cool to a solid ingot form in the graphite cooling crucible....<<more>>

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The laboratory Vacuum Arc Remelting furnace is primarily used to produce small ingots, button samples and precision cast parts. These products are used to examine the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of steel, reactive metals and their alloys....<<more>>

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Vacuum Metallurgy Vacuum Induction Melting Plants Melting, alloying and casting under vacuum of oxydation prone metals and alloys Vacuum Induction Degassing Plants Alloying and degossing of small batches of special steels casting under atmosphere or inert gas pressure Electroslag Remelting Plants Remelting of tool steels, cold rolls ...<<more>>

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In vacuum furnace applications where rapid gas quenching is required (for example, heat treating of air hardening tool steels or high-speed steel) it is important that the furnace chamber is filled very rapidly with an inert gas....<<more>>

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shanghai high temperature alloy vacuum rapid solidification furnace for melt- induction pipe bending machine, induction melting furnace. alloy with pure Mg was remelted in a vacuum furnace under an argonRapid solidifiion remarkably results in the grain refinement of the ...<<more>>

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Vacuum brazing is often conducted in a furnace; this means that several joints can be made at once because the whole workpiece reaches the brazing temperature. The heat is transferred using radiation, as many other methods cannot be used in a vacuum....<<more>>

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Description: The VCAP furnace is designed for Induction Melting a solid charge in an air atmosphere (or vacuum), with final degassing stage under vacuum. The final pouring of the metal is performed in air or under protective atmosphere of inert gas....<<more>>

A new material for hydrogen storage ScAl Mg -

A novel aluminium rich alloy for hydrogen storage has been discovered, ScAl 0.8Mg0.2, which has very promising properties regarding hydrogen storage capacity, kinetics and stability towards air oxidation in comparison to hydrogen absorption in state-of-the-art intermetallic compounds....<<more>>

A new dynamic method for measuring hydrogen partial

he hydrogen in aluminum alloy has a great effect on its mechanical properties, such as plasticity, toughness, decompression solidification method, first bubble appearance method, inert gas carrying hydrogen method, concentration value, the pump is turned off. The valve between the vacuum chamber and the hydrogen storage container is...