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There's a manufacturer, Health Craft, that produced a line for Vitamix that was available for a long time. In addition to the cookware, Vitamix also sold Nesco dehydrators, (I think) vacuum food sealers, and vacuum cleaners that were sold as "Vita-Vacs" but were made, I think by Airway....<<more>>

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Vacuum induction melting uses currents within a vacuum to melt metal. VIM involves placing a core-less induction furnace into a vacuum chamber. [5] The heat used to start the melting process comes from an induced current called an eddy current....<<more>>

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Vacuum Induction Melting MELTING UNDER VACUUM in an induc-tion-heated crucible is a tried and tested process intheproductionofliquidmetal.Ithasitsorigins...<<more>>

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vacuum induction melting VAC was the first company worldwide to successfully process melting and casting under vacuum conditions on an industrial scale to get Ni, Fe, Co and Cr alloys with lowest levels of C, N, O and H as well as lowest levels of non metallic inclusions (oxides, nitrides, carbides)....<<more>>


The vacuum induction melting (VIM) process involves the melting of metals by electromagnetic induction while under vacuum. The process involves the refining of metals and alloys and the removal of dissolved and chemical bonded...<<more>>

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VIM — The Process Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) is the melting of metal via electromagnetic induction under vacuum. An induction furnace containing a refractory lined crucible surrounded by an induction coil is located inside a vacuum chamber. The induction furnace is connected to an AC power source at a frequency precisely...<<more>>

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Vacuum induction melting is a process used for high purity metals and alloys. The process and furnace components are outlined. The types of materials typically processed, removal of impurities and some applications are also covered....