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sintering furnace - vacfurnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is for metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds in a vacuum or protective atmosphere sintering products can also be used for metal materials, heat treatment....<<more>>

Vacuum Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Brazing Furnace, Vacuum Heat

Vacuum Sintering Furnace Factory,Vacuum Brazing Furnace Suppliers,Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace Manufacturers,China High quality Vacuum Sintering Furnace Company,Sales Vacuum Brazing Furnace Manufacturers....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers - Webb Vacuum Furnaces

The RD-G Webb Vacuum Furnace is a general purpose high temperature furnace suitable for a wide variety of applications: Sintering furnace suitable for high temperature carbide, nitride, and boride ceramics...<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnace Famous Brand

China Vacuum Sintering Furnace Famous Brand; Our furnace product range includes 1800°C high temperature sinter-HIP furnace, 6MPa sintering-HIP furnace for lab research, rapid-cooling sintering furnace (fast cooling from 1500°C to 100°C, ≤ 2.5h), high temperature sintering furnace (max. temperature: 2100°C)....<<more>>

High Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Description High vacuum sintering furnace is mainly applied for sintering processes of tungsten alloy, magnetic, heavy alloy, moly alloy, cemented carbide and ZrO blacken treatment....<<more>>

HHV High vacuum sintering furnace

High vacuum sintering furnace High vacuum, High temperature sintering furnce . Sintering is a heat treatment process, for bonding particles into a coherent; predominantly solid often occurs on the ato...<<more>>

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Sintering Furnace. Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies are pioneers in the market for manufacturing and supplying Vacuum Sintering Furnace. These furnaces have numerous heat treating applications because they apply vacuum as well as inert atmospheres....<<more>>

LF-ZK6016 Industrial Microwave high Vacuum Furnace manufacturers

LF-ZK6016 Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace is a new generation of experiment, research and development, production of LF-ZK6016 Microwave Vacuum Sintering Furnace,with intelligence, box, energy saving, the integration of the various features, is the use of advanced microwave heating the material directly mode, quickly heating the material ...<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace | eBay

Ultra High Vacuum Research Furnace. the carrier themselves for pick-up. account number for direct billing or contracting. of their choice. Either providing us with the carriers. Vacuum Sintering Furnace for powdered metal injection molded parts PRISTINE!...<<more>>

1600°C Controlled Atmosphere Vacuum Furnace - Sentro Tech

This vacuum atmosphere furnace is ideal for vacuum atmosphere brazing, sintering, surface treatment, thermal heat treatment and high temperature material process including stainless steel, titanium, aerospace material, silicon carbide wafer, other metals and ceramics....