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Low vacuum brazing furnace. It is widely used for aluminum plate fin heat exchanger, excavator radiator, leveler radiator, automobile radiator, automobile air conditioner evaporator, condenser, radar plate antenna and waveguide tube....<<more>>

Vacuum sintering furnace

Vacuum brazing furance. Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is mainly suitable for auto radiator, air conditioning evaporator, condenser, cold, radar antenna, grid waveguide and a variety of plate become warped type or vacuum welding tube type heat exchanger....<<more>>

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CAB brazing is used in both automotive and HVAC manufacturing for brazing radiators, condensers, oil coolers, evaporators, heaters and charge air coolers. Radiation, convection, semi-continuous, single chamber, indexing and universal batch furnaces are available....<<more>>

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Figure 1 Vacuum Aluminum Brazed Radiator (Photo courtesy of API Tech) Figure 2 Vacuum Brazed Evaporator (Ipsen R&D) Figure 3 Flat Plate Cooler (Photo Courtesy of API Tech) Types of Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnaces Typical vacuum aluminum brazing furnaces are either single-chamber (batch type) or multiple-chamber (semi-continuous)....<<more>>

Radiator Vacuum Brazing Furnace With Fixture

Vacuum brazing is carried out in the absence of air, using a specialized furnace, and delivers significant advantages: extremely clean, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and superior strength. Improved temperature uniformity when heating in a vacuum, and lower residual stresses due to slow heating and cooling cycle, results in ...<<more>>

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Universal CAB Batch Furnace. High brazing quality for low volume producers of heat exchangers Universal CAB Batch Furnace with Vacuum Purging. Allowing a large variety of different heat exchanger types and sizes to be brazed / NEWSLETTER. Gain access to premium content now! Receive in-depth case-study articles, maintenance tips on heat treating ...<<more>>

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Manufacturers of heat treating and brazing vacuum furnaces and controls, complete hot zone and vacuum furnace retrofits, thermal spray coatings, plasma, HVOF and paint coating services....<<more>>

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The vacuum furnace range offered by Carbolite Gero includes vacuum chamber furnaces, vacuum hood furnaces, bottom loading furnaces, laboratory vacuum furnaces, and vacuum tube furnaces. Each furnace can be used with either a reactive gas or an inert gas....<<more>>

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Introduction to Brazing of Aluminium Alloys 24 pages, 20 figures Basic Level prepared by R. Mundt, Hoogovens, Koblenz ? flux-dip brazing ? furnace brazing ? vacuum and controlled atmosphere brazing Figure 4601.03.01 illustrates schematically the different brazing methods....<<more>>

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The TITAN H6 vacuum furnace from Ipsen is a pure-bred brazing machine, specially engineered for delivering optimal brazing performance. It has 6,000-pound gross load capacity with a work zone volume of 36" x 36" x 48"....<<more>>

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Mike Jacobs, brazing specialist from SECO/Warwick Corporation, Meadville, PA, will host the Brazing Furnace Webinar for Serious Radiator Job Shops on Apr 26th. The web is ideal for job shops who are considering performing their own aluminum brazing....<<more>>

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Consarc aluminium brazing furnaces have several unique advantages found in special features in the Vacuum System and the Temperature Uniformity Control System. Vacuum Pumping Systems Consarc has designed vacuum pumping systems to match the size of the furnace and the size of the loads in the furnace....<<more>>

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The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100% welded by TIG. We are factory sales, we take any wholesale order, feel free to ask....<<more>>

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Vacuum brazing furnaces have base vacuum of 0.000005 torr with leak-up rate less than 1 micron per hour, water-to-water recirculation system & vacuum chambers mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frame....<<more>>

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The core of the radiator is welded in vacuum brazing furnace, no epoxy. The tanks are 100% welded by TIG. Our radiators are built with 2-rows of 1" cooling tubes, not the 3-row gimmicks with TINY 5/8" cooling tubes....<<more>>

700C vacuum brazing furnace for aluminum radiator

Aluminum vacuum brazing furnace should have the international advanced level of reliable fully automated control, monitoring, tracking and self-diagnosis functions.Energy-saving brazing furnace, the welding temperature below 700 degrees, no pollution, ideal salt bath brazing replacement....<<more>>

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treatment of materials, vacuum brazing furnace Moremuffle furnace,Vacuum furnace,melting furnace,atmosphereProtective Atmosphere Heat Treatment Furnace Read More Radiator Furnace Suppliers, all Quality Radiator Furnace ...<<more>>

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Vacuum Furnace. Vacuum Brazing Furnaces FB Series. The FB Series are systems for brazing heat exchangers such as EGR coolers, radiators and evaporators. The wide array of models available ranges from batch types to continuous types, and models for processing special items can also be made to order....<<more>>

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As a trusted industry leader in furnace brazing services, California Brazing features fully-equipped facilities to provide superior quality and value while meeting our clients’ unique project demands....<<more>>

Soldering and brazing of copper and copper alloys

Fundamentals of copper and copper alloys 9 2.2 Filler materials 10 2.2.1 Soft solder 11 2.2.2 Brazing filler metals 13 2.3 Soldering or brazing pure copper 16 4.5.4 Furnace soldering or brazing 40 4.5.5 Electric resistance soldering or brazing 43 4.5.6 Induction soldering or brazing 44...