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Sustainable Data Center - Skyscrapers of the future

This void has a double function: first, it is the main air duct of the cooling system, and second it is a space where pods can be moved to the ground floor, during maintenance and upgrade phases....<<more>>

'Blade Runner 2049' brings cyberpunk Los Angeles to Comic

A mysterious man in a long overcoat, neon light-lined facemask and hat with rabbit ears stands ominously against a wall lined with a mixture of English and Chinese words....<<more>>

The importance of the cooling system for the vacuum heat

Vacuum heat treatment furnace cooling system is an important part of the vacuum heat treatment furnace. Cooling water should be kept smooth through, otherwise the water temperature increased downtime....<<more>>

What is the importance of a cooling system for a heat

Heat treatment vacuum furnace is through the graphite heater way heating, mainly by the body, vacuum system, inflatable system, water cooling system, start system, open electrical control management system composed of several parts....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - pvt-vf

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces? Closed loop water cooling subsystem Horizontal Furnace The horizontal vacuum furnace is the workhorse configuration for the thermal processThe system is interlocked with safety devices for fail-safe operation in the automatic mode. Control and monitoring equipment is contained within a single free...<<more>>

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment - ?Tü

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipmenthardening furnace, vacuum furnace etc.) ? Atmosphere supply (generator or commercial) ? Quench? May Include Cooling System Using Air to Water HeatUsing Air to Water Heat Exchanger to Accelerate Cooling....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces - High Temperature Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces. Providing you the best range of high temperature vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vertical vacuum furnace, horizontal vacuum furnace and vacuum annealing & hardening furnace with effective & timely delivery....<<more>>

Meeting standards for die heat treatment - SECO/WARWICK

Meeting standards for die heat treatment M. Korecki *1, J. Olejnik 1,Vacuum furnace for heat treatment of tools The requirements for heat treatment of moulds and dies,FORD, GM and others, can be achieved in a single chamber vacuum furnace equipped with high pressure cooling system in inert gas (type HPGQ – high pressure gas quench...