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Pulling the orbiter boom sensor system, or OBSS, clear of Discovery, the station arm will hand it off to the shuttle's own robot arm to provide keep-alive power for heaters and other systems in...<<more>>

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The RD-G Webb Vacuum Furnace is a general purpose high temperature furnace suitable for a wide variety of applications: Sintering furnace suitable for high temperature carbide, nitride, and boride ceramics; Annealing furnace for ceramics, composites and other refractory materials; Extreme high temperature furnace for material processing at 2000C and higher....<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing Furnace with Optimal Brazing Performance

Vacuum brazing is carried out in the absence of air, using a specialized furnace, and delivers significant advantages: extremely clean, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and superior strength. Improved temperature uniformity when heating in a vacuum, and lower residual stresses due to slow heating and cooling cycle, results in...<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Type B5_T

B5_T, vacuum furnace for high-temperature treatments The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment)....<<more>>

Understanding Key Process Parameters of Vacuum Aluminum

After the brazing temperature soak duration is complete, an immediate vacuum cooling cycle follows, which solidifies the filler metal in the braze joints and stops...<<more>>

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Other very high temperature brazing applications include molybdenum with pure nickel as the filler metal and cobaltvacuum). As with flame brazing, furnace-brazed parts are heated to a specific brazing temperature until the filler metal flows. The brazements are then cooled or...<<more>>

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Vacuum Brazing Furnace. 702 likes. Vacuum brazing furnace is mainly used for high-speed steel, high alloy tool and die steel, electrical magnetic...