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Vod Vacuum Ladle Refining Furnace /refining Furnace/smelting Furnace , Find Complete Details about Vod Vacuum Ladle Refining Furnace /refining Furnace/smeltin...<<more>>

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VOD-type vacuum refining furnace carries out oxygen blowing and decarburization, vacuum degassing and alloy composition trimming in vacuum, mainly used for refining ultra-low carbon stainless steel, electric pure iron, etc....<<more>>

VD / VOD / Vacuum oxygen decarburization Furnace

Usage: VD(vacuum degassing): in the condition of vacuum, [O],[H],[N] is removed with the condition what is the larger differential pressure. when the steel liquid is boiling with stirring by blowing argon, the [S] element is removed by what the slag was touched enough with liquid....<<more>>

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Vacuum oxygen decarbonizing Furnace/ vaccum melting VOD furnace Listing Description The VD/VOD vacuum refining furnace is used for the smelting of special steel and stainless steel Detailed Description VD/VOD ladle vacuum refining process strengthens blowing argon reasonably on the bottom of furnace; it can stir molten steel adequately and get ...<<more>>

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Vacuum Oxygen Refining Furnace VD / VOD process reduces the gas content, particularly hydrogen and carbon, as well as reducing non- metallic inclusions by subjection the molten metal to a vacuum. VOD’s and VD’s are used when very low C-contents have to be reached....<<more>>

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A Ladle Furnace is used to relieve the primary melter of most secondary refining operations, and its primary functions are: § Reheating of liquid steel through electric power conducted by graphite...<<more>>

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Conventional ladle refining furnace equipment including: LF, VD, VOD is currently the world's most widely used equipment, refining outside the furn… VD/VOD VOD vacuum refining furnace and VD vacuum refining furnace equipment structure is basically the same, the main difference is that a VOD refining furnac…...<<more>>

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A Vacuum Tank Degasser (VTD) is used to reduce the concentrations offurnace to melt, and then enter the AOD, VOD secondary refining furnace, Nikola Tasic | LinkedIn Read More...<<more>>

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VD vacuum refining furnace can degas molten steel and fine adjust alloy composition as well as stir argon. VOD vacuum refining furnace has the function of blowing oxygen, decarburization, vacuum degassing and fine adjustment of alloy constituent in the vacuum situation. It is mainly used to refine ...<<more>>

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A modification of the tank degassers is the vacuum oxygen decarburizer (VOD), which has an oxygen lance in the centre of the tank lid to enhance carbon removal under vacuum. The VOD is often used to...<<more>>

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VD/VOD ladle vacuum refining process strengthens blowing argon reasonably on the bottom of furnace; it can stir molten steel adequately and get ideal dynamics effect. If combining VD and LF, the furnace can get ideal molten steel refining temperature with easy structure and low cost....<<more>>

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In 1957, China began to study the vacuum treatment of molten steel, molten steel vacuum degassing, vacuum ingot device, vacuum casting large ingots of 50 ~ 200t. 1970s AOD furnace, VOD furnace, in ASEA-SKF refining furnace, the VAD furnace, LF furnace and ladle dusting furnace refining equipment to the 1990s has reached more than 60 units, the ...<<more>>

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Ladle refining furnace is used to refine the molten steel from primary melting furnace (electric arc furnace, induction furnace, converter and etc.), meanwhile have the function of adjusting molten steel temperature, and be a buffer of the whole process....<<more>>

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China Refining Furnace (LF, VD/VOD, AOD), Find details about China Refining Furnace, Lf Furnace from Refining Furnace (LF, VD/VOD, AOD) - Hijoy International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd....<<more>>

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Vacuum Induction Refining Furnace. COOLDO Vacuum induction melting Furnace is one of the most commonly used heat processes under the vacuum or inert gas atmosphere protetion for metal refining treatment and adjustment of chemical composition and temperature To achieve the increasing quality demands....