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Advantages of Using Microwave Energy for Process Heating

The drying system consists of a transmitter, waveguide, vessel, air supply, and controls, as shown in the image at right. Microwave systems are more compact, thus requiring a smaller equipment footprint....<<more>>

Industrial RF Systems - Thermex Thermatron

Thermex Thermatron’s Industrial RF Web Drying System is a specialized RF oven used in the processing of thin layers of materials. Our RF Web Drying Systems incorporate all of the inherent design subtleties and complexities of our conventional RF ovens along with several unique to themselves....<<more>>

Magnetrons - Electronic Components and Display Technology

Magnetrons Magnetron - Linac Description | Richardson Electronics specializes in supplying high power microwave devices for medical, cargo scanning, non-destructive testing (NDT), and scientific applications....<<more>>

Design And Development Of Magnetron Power Source From

industrial processes for drying and curing products heating. The high-voltage components accomplish The nucleus of the high-voltage system is the magnetron tube. The magnetron is a diode-type electron tube which is used to produce the required 2450 MHz of microwave energy. It is classed as a...<<more>>

Drying System Components - Vulcan Drying Systems

From complete turnkey systems to equipment components, Vulcan Drying Systems meets each client’s needs. We use a modular approach, allowing you to choose your dryer size, air pollution control equipment, burner, etc. Replacing a component on an existing system is easy....<<more>>

Drum Dryer for Component Drying | Air Control Industries Inc

Spiral Drum Dryer System Solutions for Component Drying ACI’s Spiral Drum Component Dryer is a compact and efficient drying system that allows for continuous in-line surface drying of small and/or light components....<<more>>

Continuous Wave Cavity Magnetron, Microwave Energy

Welcome To SanLe Nanjing SanLe Microwave Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a pioneer of domestic microwave tube development and microwave energy technology application. It led in developing industrial heating magnetrons and forming a series of products in 1973 and has developed more than 100 types of various microwave energy application ...<<more>>

Magnetron power supply - The #1 choice of industry leaders

With more than 30 years of expertise in microwave and magnetron technology, Dipolar delivers cutting-edge power sources for industrial microwave and plasma applications. Dipolar is a part of Garga Group and headquartered in Skellefte?, Sweden....<<more>>

Magnetron Theory of Operation - cpii

Magnetron Theory of Operation Beverly Microwave Division used in conventional magnetron resonator systems Typical Magnetron Parameters The following is a discussion and explanation of ? Receiver Protectors ? Control Components ? Transmitters ? Amplifiers...<<more>>

PowerDry Industrial Dryer Systems | ITW Paxton

PowerDry? Dryer Systems. Originally designed for date coding applications, the PowerDry? System sets the standard for a complete power drying & blow off Air System that can be used for drying and blow off for a wide variety of cans, bottles, jars & pouches....<<more>>

Upgrades - Industrial Microwave Systems | Components

Upgrades to the PLC Control System Technically, the upgrade could be to any of the microwave equipment. It could be that a customer is changing the product makeup and requires more belt support to handle the added weight....<<more>>

Muegge Gerling Industrial Microwave and Plasma systems

Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc. (GAE) was founded in 1997 to serve the industrial microwave heating community by offering a comprehensive array of capabilities to support its customers, including in-house fabrication, laboratory testing, process control engineering, and custom product development....<<more>>

Muegge Microwave Plasma Sources – Stripping Tool MA3000D

SU-8 Stripping Tool MA3000D-231BB for MEMS Fabrication The MUEGGE-R3T SU-8 Stripping Tool MA3000D-231BB / STP2020 for MEMS applications is the only tool on the market which enables fast dry etching of thick SU-8 photoresist....<<more>>

400w microwave power supply for industrial magnetrons

A small yet powerful device, the Magdrive 400 prevails in settings where control and reliability are essential. Thanks to its compact size and dependability, this magnetron power supply is a natural component in laboratory ovens and anywhere else where precision is key....<<more>>

Microwave Theory - Production Engineering

From plasma technology to Microwave heating and drying systems, our experience and expertise includes design and manufacture of Microwave ovens for industrial applications, with microwave power ranging from 2.5 kW to 100 kW per generator....<<more>>

Industrial Drying Ovens & Systems | Nordson

Find industrial dryer machines and drying systems at Nordson Cure coatings and dry pellets faster with industrial ovens and drying systems from Nordson. Our company offers a broad range of industrial dryer machines, including BKG? brand pellet dryers, induction-heat drying ovens and iDry? industrial drying systems....<<more>>

Machlett Manufactures and Services Microwave Meat

Machlett Industrial Microwave Systems And Services MACHLETT specializes in installing and servicing industrial microwave systems. They are primarily employed in the food industry for bacon cooking, grain drying, beef and chicken tempering, meatball boosting and pre-heating, as well as pork and fruit tempering....<<more>>


intensity quartz curing systems are UL listed for use in a hazardous location. The Infrared systems are specifically designed for the use with the Spray Systems Industrial Drying Enclosures....<<more>>

Industrial Microwave Systems & Components - Sairem

Industrial Microwave Systems & Components Manufacturer. research and can provide complete technical and engineering support for designing and manufacturing the highest quality industrial solutions. At present, Sairem is the only microwave specialist that can design custom made components or engineering complete solutions, provide support ...<<more>>

Industrial Drying Equipment and Systems - Bepex

Whether you’re looking for slurry drying equipment, a wet cake dryer, or solids drying equipment, we have the industrial drying equipment to solve your application, in addition to the process know-how and testing capabilities to select the one that works best for you. Indirect drying systems offer quick, efficient drying, and our direct ...<<more>>

Drying Oven | Industrial Ovens | International Thermal Systems

Overview. Drying Ovens remove moisture. The function of a Drying Oven is to remove moisture from a product. Depending upon the process and production requirement, a Batch or Conveyor configuration is available....