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Super Metroid

Daniel Hindes dives in to Super Metroid, the two-decades-old pinnacle of Metroidvania games, holding no prior experience with the genre at all. Is...<<more>>

Hillary Clinton "super volunteers" aim to rebut media sexism

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks at an award ceremony for the 2015 Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting March...<<more>>

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Ladle refining furnace/VOD melting furnace Production description and function VOD --Vacuum oxygen decarbonization furnace in a vacuum under the conditions of top-blown oxygen decarbonization, and blowing argon through the pack at the end of stirring molten steel to promote circulation, conditions are favorable reaction kinetics, can get a good degassing, to mixed results, the process should...<<more>>

Vacuum Oxygen Decarbonizing Furnace Wholesale

Refining to achieve super purity steel Vacuum oxygen decarbonization VOD Furnace AE supplies VD/VOD Ladle Refining Furnace which is mainly combined with ladle, oxygen lance mechanism, vacuum tank, vacuum feeder device, thermometry sampling & observing system, oxygen suppling system, argon system, water cooling system, and vacuum pump system, etc. VD ladle refining furnace is major used to do...<<more>>

laboratory vacuum tube furnace with quartz tube and

High temperature Lab Vacuum Quartz Tube Furnace up to 1200C3. High purity quartz tube as furnace tube Vacuum Tube Furnace Features:Seal Flange 1) One pair sealing flange with double silicone high temperature...<<more>>

industrial high temperature heat treatment oven furnace 1200c

refining to achieve super purity steel vacuum oxygen decarbonization vod fur high temperature muffle furnace for flat glass tempering sx2-9-17tp furnace 1ton pig iron industrial induction electric melting furnace...<<more>>

microwave high temperature sintering furnace used vacuum

Factors affecting the smelting of high nitrogencomposition, temperature and degree of superheatingsinteringfurnace vacuum induction melting vacuumRead More high frequency induction heating equipment andfurnace, high temperature graphitizing furnace,sintering furnace, vacuum melting furnace,...<<more>>


aluminum precision can reach 1.5 × 10-3, obtained better refining effect. 3.3 VOD (vacuum tank ladle oxygen blowing gas method)using EAF+VOD technologyfor...