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Remelting Variations Under Vacuum I I I + supply

Remelting Variations Under Vacuum Apart from the remelting of a consumable electrode in a water-cooled copper crucible, there is a recent development of the vacuum arc remelting process, namely vacuum arc double electrode remelting (VADER). Fig- ure 5 shows the basic design of the VADER...<<more>>


CONSUMABLE-ELECTRODE VACUUM ARC MELTING Demands for new metals and alloys of higher purity are increasing the im-concentrated improvement of the vacuum arc melt- ing process include, France, Germany, Great Britain, the US, and the USSR. Technology of vacuum melting...<<more>>

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AMS 2380 E

Grade 4 shall be plasma arc melted, cold hearth refined, followed by a single consumable electrode vacuum arc melt. The critical variable of each melting cycle shall be The...<<more>>

Observations of melt rate as a function of arc power, CO

the influence ofarc power, CO pressure, and electrode gap on melt rate. Approximately 11,000 kg of Inconel 718 alloy 0.4 m diameter electrodes were vacuum consumable arc remelted into 0.5 m...<<more>>

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This cylinder, referred to as an electrode is then put into a large cylindrical enclosed crucible and brought to a metallurgical vacuum (0.001–0.1 mmHg or 0.1–13.3 Pa). At the bottom of the crucible is a small amount of the alloy to be remelted, which the top electrode is brought close to prior to starting the melt....