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New Insights into the Electro-Slag Remelting Process using

New Insights into the Electro-Slag Remelting Process using Mathematical Modeling Ashish D. Patel1 and Kanchan M. Kelkar2 1Ashish D. Patel Carpenter Technology, Corp, 101 W Bern St, Reading PA 19601, USA...<<more>>


Modelling of the Protective Gas Electro Slag Remelting Process and Its Validation 3 formation and the interaction of the sinking metal droplets in the slag (black...<<more>>

Electroslag remelting — Its status, mechanism and refining

ESR (Electroslag remelting) is the abbreviated name given to electroslag consumable electrode remelting and secondary refining process. It is also used to describe three...<<more>>

The Pressure Electroslag Remelting Process (PESR) | Total

The pressure electroslag remelting process is a recent advancement and allows for the manufacture of new high nitrogen alloys with unique properties under pressures of several atmospheres....<<more>>

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Process: Passage of current through slag produces heat Submerged electrode melts in slag (molten film as in VAR) Melt drip through slag Lot of heat go with Oxides being separated Metal slag reactions (desulphurization)...<<more>>

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In steel: Electroslag remelting (ESR). In this process, there is a slowly melting consumable electrode and a water-cooled mold for solidification, as in vacuum arc remelting, but the melting is conducted under normal atmosphere and is accomplished by a thick, superheated layer of slag on top of…...<<more>>

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Electro Slag Remelting under Vacuum (VESR) Remelting is carried out under vacuum as in VAR, however, using a slag. The O Utilized as interface between remelting parameters stored as remelting operator and ESR process O Server for process visualization, ESR production of specific ingot sizes featuring parameter indication, and material grade ...<<more>>

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TABLE 1. HISTORY OF ELECTROSLAG MELTING 1. Basic principle described in book by Nickoloi Slavyanov in 1892. 2. First research done on small scale by Armstrong in 1928 on use of resistance- heated slag to aid melting....<<more>>

Electroslag & Electric Arc Furnace Processes

It was more difficult to achieve a specific steel composition during electroslag remelting than it was in the electric-arc furnace because not all of the metal and slag are molten at any given time in the electroslag process, as is the case in the electric-arc-furnace process....<<more>>

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The pressure electroslag remelting process is a recent advancement and allows for the manufacture of new high nitrogen alloys with unique properties under pressures of several atmospheres. Much higher levels of nitrogen can be achieved due to the pressure applied above the slag which can be ...<<more>>


The Electroslag Remelting (ESR) Process has been developed and introduced as a production process for high grade steel ingots in 1958 in the Soviet Union, and is being applied in Western Europe since 1966....<<more>>

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Electro-slag remelting topic. Rendering of electro-slag remelting apparatus and cross-sections Electroslag remelting ( ESR ), also known as electro-flux remelting , is a process of remelting and refining steel and other alloys for mission-critical applications in aircraft , thermal power stations , nuclear power plants , military technology , et al....<<more>>

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Electro Slag Re-Melting is a process performed after the primary melting steps in electro arc, induction or vacuum induction furnaces. Typical steels to be re-melted are tool steel with a share of 20%, stainless steels with 10%...<<more>>

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Electroslag remelting process is the lower end of the electrode is immersed in the molten slag.Alternating current passes through a high resistance slag bath to produce a large amount of heat....<<more>>

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Electroslag remelting (ESR) is a consumable electode remelting process in which liquid metal droplets are refined with contact of a molten slag providing a cleaner, more uniform alloy with minimum segregation....<<more>>

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In the electro-slag remelting (ESR) process, steel scrap is first melted using the conventional process but is then remelted in a water-cooled form. With this process, a more even microstructure can be achieved which gives completely different properties than a material produced with the conventional method....<<more>>


THE SUCCESS FACTOR IN ELECTROSLAG REMELTING (ESR) NOTHING BEATS QUALITY – CHOOSE QUALITY FROM THE MARKET LEADER Picture: Siemens AG 2. Contents The Electroslag Remelting The Key to Top-Quality Steel Electroslag Remelting Process and Superalloys The electrode is a cast ingot that dips into, and melts in, a resistance-heated molten bath of ...<<more>>

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AN INTRODUCTION TO PREMIUM MELTING Many alloys contain elements like aluminum and titanium which, when heated, react with Electroslag Remelting (ESR) and Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) furnaces. The Electroslag Remelting (ESR) process follows the primary...<<more>>


produced by the electroslag remelting (ESR) process. The work has been on producing small experimental ingots in the laboratory, determining the severity of segregation in those ingots, and comparing the segregation with calculations using macrosegregation theory, Two different types of experimental apparatus are described ...<<more>>

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Electroslag Remelting an electrometallurgical process in which a metal in the form of a consumable electrode is re-melted in a bath of an electrically conducting synthetic slag by the action of heat released upon the passage of electric current through the slag. The method, which significantly increases the quality of the metals and alloys produced, was ...<<more>>

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The electroslag remelting process (ESR) is an important process for the production of very clean high-tech materials for applications used for example in the aviation- or energy-sector. Although the process itself is...