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The choice of vacuum - vacfurnace

The choice of vacuum. 1.Quenching heat treatment can be by using two stage pump (former-pump and roots pump) of middle vacuum (generally limit p 4 x10-1 a), such as bearing steel, die steel, structural steel, etc....<<more>>

Overview of Common Vacuum Furnace Equipment

The hope is that the reader will come away with an understanding that there is a vacuum furnace solution to virtually any design, application or specification ...<<more>>

vacuum furnace for aerospace - HTS VACUUM FURNACES

The choice of vacuum furnace for the heat or surface treatment of metals is strictly depend on the end results required on the treated workpieces. The choice requires very careful consideration, not only in relation to the end result but also with regard to principles of energy efficiency, heating and cooling cycle optimisation, ease of use and the furnace’s adaptability to individual needs....<<more>>

What is the Purpose of a Vacuum Pump - Vacaero

In many instances, the furnace and pumping system are pre-existing and we have little choice other than to operate at a predetermined vacuum level. Irrespective, each system must meet a specific set of requirements that are imposed by the process and production requirements....<<more>>

Production Vacuum Furnaces: Series 3600 | Centorr Vacuum

The inside of the furnace chamber conforms to the best vacuum and controlled atmosphere practices, with particular attention given to the surface finish and choice of materials....<<more>>

Clamshell Chamber Furnace - Centorr Vacuum Industries

A furnace system typically consists of the Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly, the High Vacuum System or Evacuation System, the Process Gas System, the Power Supply, the Temperature Control Instrumentation, and the Furnace Mounting Assembly....<<more>>

Roughing pump in high-vacuum furnaces for beginners #1

As is known, the maximum vacuum required in vacuum furnaces depends on the process and materials used in the thermal treatment of the load. Maximum vacuum is the value of pressure that can theoretically be reached in the furnace when it is cold, load-free and clean....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace - Molybdenum - Tungsten

Vacuum Furnace Elements Molybdenum or Tungsten are the ideal choice when you need to achieve long life at high temperatures in a vacuum furnace. These materials operate trouble-free at high temperatures for years and low vapor pressure allows them to be used in a vacuum....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace-ECM

Bell jar furnace for high temperatures treatments. There is a choice of a molybdenum or tungsten resistor with a metal isolation. That is the perfect furnace for clean high temperature treatment....<<more>>

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With unmatched and unique working capabilities has proven its mettle as a leading Vacuum Furnace manufacturer, manufacturing state-of-the-art Vacuum Furnaces for the automobile, electronics and aerospace industries at the most economical prices....<<more>>

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Vacuum Furnaces. Providing you the best range of high temperature vacuum furnace, vacuum furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, vertical vacuum furnace, horizontal vacuum furnace and vacuum annealing & hardening furnace with effective & timely delivery....<<more>>

Custom, Cost-Effective Vacuum Furnaces

The Vacuum Furnaces offered by Surface Combustion? include Vacuum Tempering Multi-Chamber, Pit, Horizontal, Bell, Ion Carburizing, Bottom Load, and more!...<<more>>

Signature - Custom Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers

Vacuum Furnace Manufacturing & Engineering. Signature Vacuum is highly engaged with you before, during, and after the manufacturing process. From a feasibility study, through equipment manufacture, to operator training Signature Vacuum Systems, Inc. is a full service supplier....<<more>>

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HTS Vacuum Furnaces produces, repairs and sells industrial vacuum and high vacuum furnaces for the heat and surface treatment of metals. The work done in synergy with experts in the areas of heat treatment, metallurgy and steels, and our constant commitment to the research and development of new technological solutions, enable us to offer an excellent product and service that is always at the ...<<more>>

Understanding Vacuum and Vacuum Measurement

Low Vacuum – also called rough vacuum, is a vacuum that can be achieved or measured by basic equipment such as a vacuum cleaner. Medium Vacuum – is a vacuum that is typically achieved by a single pump, but the pressure is too low to measure with a mechanical manometer....