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The starboard crew pit was the same as was the aft bridge. And on the consoles Pellaeon could see, which should have been active with incoming reports from other sectors of the ship, the displays...<<more>>

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Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus Respect Thread Part 2 By ShootingNova April 20, 2017 18 Comments This is the second half of my respect thread for Count Dooku, featuring his Force powers....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Gas Furnace, Heat Treatment Gas Furnace

Pit type vacuum gas carburizing furnace Brief RQ3 series pit type vacuum gas carburizing furnace is new type and energy-saving batch type furnace,working temperature is 950℃,mainly used for rod and long axis steel mechanical parts for gas carburizing,the workpiece is vertically loaded in furnace tank,not easy to deformation Structure RQ3...<<more>>

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We specialized in R & D production of industrial furnace,heat treatment furnace,gas furnace,mesh belt furnace,bogie hearth furnace,quench furnace,atmosphere furnace,pit type furnace,tempering furnace,chamber furnace,sintering furnace,bell furnace,melting furnace,mesh belt furnace,industrial ovens,quench tank,rotary furnace and Furnace Accessories:control instruments,electromechanical,electric...<<more>>

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Plasma Nitriding Furnace Product Introduction Glow plasma nitriding technology is an energy-saving, environmental protection, precise and efficient surface heat treatment process, which can be applied to the surface reinforcement of important parts and tools....<<more>>

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LD-30A gas nitriding vacuum furnace DC power supply control system Pit type gas nitriding heat treatment furnace Ion nitriding gas vacuum heat treatment furnace Pit type ammonia gas nitriding heat treatment vacuum furnace LD series DC power supply control system, from pulse to trigger the complete control, output DC voltage of 0 - 1000V a...<<more>>

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Gas Nitriding Furnacesfurnace type selection and in product material handling/loading.The SECO/WARWICK Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces and a technology leader. With our fully equipped research and development facility and cooperation with the leading...<<more>>

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SECO/WARWICK is a technology leader with the proprietary ZeroFlow? method of economical gas flow control. Listed below are all the options of SECO/WARWICK furnace styles for gas nitriding....