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High Temperature Vacuum Furnace - Eurotherm

High temperature vacuum furnaces are used to manufacture silicon carbide tubes and rings, which are used in high quality bearings. Due to the high working temperature of up to 1675°C and the silicon atmosphere thermocouples can only last for a few cycles....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Heat Treatment Thermal Profiling

High Temperature Vacuum Heat Treatment Heat treatment in vacuum furnaces provides a cleaner environment by reducing atmosphere levels to a minimum, especially molecules of oxygen. The result is a non-reactive condition, where metals can be heat treated....<<more>>

Temperature Measurement in Vacuum Furnaces - Vacaero

Temperature Measurement in Vacuum Furnaces January 21, 2015 by VAC AERO International In any heat treating cycle, there are two important considerations concerning temperature: the temperature of the furnace hot zone which is generating the heat input, and the temperature of the actual workload....<<more>>

Controlled atmosphere Furnace and High temperature vacuum

High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces High Temperature Vacuum Furnaces Manufacture China. Standard vacuum furnaces are available for high temperature sintering, hot pressing for powder compaction or diffusion bonding, vacuum heat treating, precision vacuum brazing, and thermal heat treatment....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treatment | ECM Technologies

Today, more than 1,500 vacuum heat treatment furnaces are installed throughout the world. (vacuum furnaces) for the vacuum heat treatment of metals, alloys and other materials while vacuum brazing at the same time. MOLECULAR VACUUM BELL FURNACE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE TREATMENTS. Turquoise HORIZONTAL FURNACE FOR HIGH TEMPERATURE TREATMENT....<<more>>

Cooling the Vacuum Furnace: 5 Tips for Prevention

“For the vacuum furnace to meet the considerable need for water it must have sufficient capacity (tub or tank) to quickly transfer heat from the furnace and from the load. The capacity of the tank determines the size of the system for cooling the water contained in it....<<more>>

VacuDraw? Vacuum Tempering Furnaces - Surface Combustion

Frees up your high temperature vacuum furnace capacity for higher revenue cycles. Processing low temperature loads in a conventional high temperature vacuum furnace is a waste of time and money. and utility costs vs. using a conventional high temperature vacuum furnace for low temperature heat treating cycles....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - pvt-vf

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces Vacuum Heat Treatment is now a well established practice in the aerospace (OEM and repair), land These models are ideal for heat treatment, high temperature brazing, or graphitization. ? Hot zone is ideal for cylindrical and tall assemblies....<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing, Heat Treating & Welding - Aerobraze

The furnaces are approved for aerospace use and used for a wide range of work including vacuum stress relieving, vacuum annealing, solution treatments, aging processes and high-temperature vacuum brazing....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces - antsalliance

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace For TC4 TC16 Watering Que . Detail. Water Quenching Furnace For Aerospace Industry With Vac . Detail. 1800C High Temperature Vacuum Pyrolysis Furnace . Detail 41 1 2 > >| CATEGORIES. Vacuum Pumps....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment - IBC Coatings

SECO/WARWICK 12 Bar Universal HPQ? (High Pressure Quench) vacuum furnace The furnace has a hot zone of 24'' x 24'' x 36'' (600 x 600 x 900 mm) and 1500 pound (750 kilogram) loading capacity Routine processes include neutral hardening of D2, H13, S7, CPM10V, and other tool steels...<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces Technology - vacfurnace

Vacuum performance, in order to ensure that the vacuum furnace in vacuum heat treatment furnace structure design must follow a basic principle, is the furnace should use airtight welding, at the same time as little as possible to open or not open hole in the furnace body, less use or avoid use dynamic seal structure, to minimize the vacuum leak....<<more>>

high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum

EXPERT BRAZING AND HEAT TREATING, INC. Over 40 years brazing experience: We are a Brazing and Heat Treating company located in Massillon Ohio. Specializing in high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum brazing....<<more>>

Vacuum Quench Furnace for High Volume w Oil & Gas Multi

There are two types of CaseMaster Evolution. The two-chamber furnace, called D type, provides a dual-chamber vacuum-quench furnace with one for vacuum heat-treatment processing and a second chamber for oil or gas quenching....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces | Centorr Vacuum Industries

Centorr Vacuum Industries specializes in challenging custom-designed vacuum furnace solutions for difficult thermal processes. High Temperature Continuous Furnaces For Metals and Ceramics processes from 1300°C to 2500°C. For a variety of Brazing, Annealing, and Heat Treating applications. Learn More. System VII/Super VII Furnaces ...<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treating Furnaces and Vacuum Technology | Ipsen

Heat treatment furnaces for sale Turbo2Treater The Ipsen Turbo2Treater furnace features high quench speeds and uniform cooling and heating, continuing to set new standards in quality, versatility and efficiency....<<more>>

High Temperature Furnaces Suppliers - ThomasNet

Custom manufacturer of nitriding, nitrocarburizing, vacuum and heat treating high temperature furnaces for industrial applications. Various capabilities include engineering, repairing, inspection, construction, fabrication, maintenance, blasting, straightening and installation....<<more>>

Industrial Heat Treatment, High Temperature furnaces

Vacuum applications include vacuum annealing, vacuum brazing, vacuum hardening, vacuum stress relieving and vacuum tempering. Induction melting applications like aluminium melting, coppper melting, steel melting, gold melting, silver melting, iron melting and other metals melting....<<more>>

vacuum furnace | eBay

IPSEN AUTOMATIC HEAT TREATING VACUUM FURNACE. Pre-Owned. $11,500.00. or Best Offer. Freight. 1200°C 60OD Lab High Temperature Horizontal Vacuum Tube Furnace Heater See more like this. Thermal Technologies High-Temperature Vacuum Furnace 121224G. Pre-Owned. $67,000.00. or Best Offer....<<more>>

Heat Treating - Vac-Met, Inc.

Our heat treating services are performed in vacuum, atmospheric, and air furnaces. These services can be performed to aerospace, medical, military, nuclear, automotive or commercial specifications. We offer heat treating services for small parts and assemblies that fit in the palm of a hand all the way to very large structures....