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Continuous-Belt Furnace for Brazing, MIM and High

Continuous-Belt Furnace for Brazing, MIM and High-Temperature Sintering h u a W p Fig.1. Conventional vacuum-furnace hot zone Fig. 4. Centorr Vacuum can be performed in a variety of furnace equipment. For some specialized braze materials, however, either vacuum batch induction brazing, except for the ability...<<more>>

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Alibaba offers 1,743 high temperature induction furnace products. About 65% of these are industrial furnace, 16% are laboratory heating equipments, and 1% are metal casting machinery. high temperature vacuum induction heating sintering furnace for powder metallurgy . High temperature industrial brazing induction melting vacuum ...<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace-Induction heater,melting

Vacuum induction melting furnace is a vacuum induction smelting equipment which can melt metal and sinter power by using the medium frequency induction heating principle under the condition of vacuum. It is applicable in the field of metal materials, such as Ni,special steel,precision alloys,Cu alloys,Nd-Fe-B,Dysprosium metal,active metal,high-temperature alloys,special materials ,magnetic ...<<more>>

Brazing Furnaces: Vacuum vs. Continuous-Belt - Vacaero

Carbon steels, and many stainless and high-temp super-alloys can be brazed in both vacuum or in a continuous-belt atmosphere furnace, but some metals (such as titanium) cannot....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace | ULVAC | Products

Since the first unit was produced in 1957, ULVAC has delivered over 200 vacuum induction melting furnaces to customers in Japan and around the world. These furnaces are contributing to a wide range of industry applications such as specialized steel, electronics materials and new materials....<<more>>

GRAPhITE MATERIALS AnD SySTEMS Specialty Graphites for

Specialty Graphites for High- Temperature ? Advanced material, equipment, and process solutions ? Engineered for customers from more than 35 industries ? Tailor-made from the most comprehensive product portfolio Products for high-temperature furnaces (vacuum and inert gas furnaces) Components Products Graphite C/C Rigid felt Soft ...<<more>>

Vacuum Brazing, Heat Treating & Welding - Aerobraze

The furnaces are approved for aerospace use and used for a wide range of work including vacuum stress relieving, vacuum annealing, solution treatments, aging processes and high-temperature vacuum brazing....<<more>>

Induction Brazing and Soldering Systems - Inductotherm Group

Radyne brazing and soldering systems offer permanent and strong metal-to-metal joints with three primary benefits. 1) Flexibility: Brazing is the joining of metals by use of heat and filler metals....<<more>>

Lucifer Furnaces — High Temperature Furnaces & Ovens

Lucifer Furnaces' extensive product line includes industrial heat treating furnaces, industrial ovens, and quench tanks suitable for a variety of applications including hardening, drawing, annealing, brazing, sintering and stress relief in both air and atmosphere....<<more>>

Camco Furnace, Hydrogen and High Vacuum Furnace Manufacturer

High Temperature and High Vacuum Experts. Manufacturers of quality equipment since 1984. Camco's furnaces are extremely efficient and have the smallest overall equipment size per work-zone volume on the market....<<more>>


Induction brazing is a very repeatable process because variables such as time, temperature, alloy, fixturing, and part positioning are controllable. The induction heating equipment used control cycle time, and...<<more>>

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Low Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Tools Indust Detail. RVB Series Vacuum Brazing Furnace With Water Cooling Sy . Detail. Vacuum Cup Brazing Equipment With -3Pa Vacuum Degree Vacuum Debinding & Sintering Furnace Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces Vacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces Lab Vacuum Furnaces Vacuum ...<<more>>

Induction brazing

benefits as induction brazing: high heat density, short heating times, minimal heat seepage to adjacent gap at brazing temperature A wide gap at room temperature becomes a narrow gap at brazing temperature Brass Steel Brass induction equipment will repeat the heating cycles. 4. Unique controllability...<<more>>


Find suppliers and manufacturers of Furnaces, Ovens, Kilns for nearly any high-temperature thermal processing equipment system, component, and/or supplies....<<more>>

Induction Brazing - Vacuum Process Engineering

VPE uses induction heating methods to process and braze components and staged assemblies in vacuum, hydrogen, and air environments. With induction brazing, quick heating rates and rapid cooling times are possible, which can make the process ideal for meeting high production requirements....<<more>>

Induction Vacuum Furnaces - Induction Heating Equipment

Ideal for brazing and heat treating processes that require high part quality and heating consistency, these induction furnaces heat parts of virtually any shape in a high temperature, high vacuum environment or in partial pressure of an inert gas....<<more>>

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Represents manufacturers of high vacuum equipment, high temperature furnaces, and liquid filtration equipment in the Southeast USA. Manufacture nickel brazing alloys, high temperature brazing aids, powder, paste and brazing foil and tape....<<more>>

Induction Soldering Machine - Induction Brazing Equipment

Induction Brazing & Soldering Equipment Ideal for a wide range of applications Induction soldering and brazing is the introduction of electromagnetic fields into metallic bodies in order to heat joints between components and melting an alloy with a lower melting temperature than the component parts....<<more>>

Vacuum Cup Brazing Equipment With -3Pa Vacuum Degree

Low Temperature V acuum B razing F urnace. Vacuum brazing is carried out in the absence of air, using a specialized furnace, and delivers significant advantages: extremely clean, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and superior strength....<<more>>

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Alibaba offers 372 vacuum welding furnace products. About 26% of these are industrial furnace, 5% are laboratory heating equipments, and 1% are temperature instruments. A wide variety of vacuum welding furnace options are available to you, such as induction furnace, resistance furnace, and arc furnace....