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Low Pressure Carburizing of Large Transmission Parts

carburizing in combination with high pressure gas quenching (HPGQ) as applied in a vertical vacuum furnace platform offers the potential for heat treating large transmission parts....<<more>>

vacuum furnace for vacuum carburizing and nitriding yfvf-1200

1200c high precision vacuum muffle furnace industrial furnace pit type gas carburizing furnaceNitriding Heat Treatment Industrial Furnace For Dies Get Quote vacuum carbonitriding vacuum carburizing vacuum hardening vacuum heat treatm ent vacuum nitriding water...<<more>>

Pit Type Heat Treatment Furnaces - Gas Carburizing Furnace

Our manufactured Gas Carburizing Furnace follows a system where steel is efficiently soak up carbon while the metal is heated in the company of high carbon and flue gases which eventually makes the metal properties harder and results in better heat treatment process....<<more>>

custom size vacuum gas carburizing pit furnace -

gas fired pit furnaces - gas fired pit furnaces for sale. custom gas fire pit , natural gas fire pits ,Pit furnace Carburizing Pit Furnace/Carbonitriding CLZ series of pit-type vacuum gas-charging resistance...<<more>>

Pit type carbonitriding furnace - Zhongli Furnace Industry

Pit type carburizing furnace is new type and energy-saving batch type furnace,working temperature is 950℃,mainly used for rod and long axis steel mechanical parts for gas carburizing,the workpiece is vertically loaded in furnace tank,not easy to deformati...<<more>>

Product list-Liaoyang Hongtu company - hongtusic

Pit type vacuum gas carburizing furnace is new type and energy-saving batch type furnace,working temperature is 950℃,mainly used for rod and long axis steel mechanical parts for gas carburizing,the workpiece is vertically loaded in furnace tank,not easy to deformation....<<more>>

hot sale pit type gas vacuum nitriding furnace -

Pit Type Nitriding Furnace Suppliers, all Quality Pit Type nitriding furnace, cupola furnace, vacuum nitriding furnace, iron ore furnaceHot-sale wide used pit type nitriding furnace Pit type gas nitriding furnace...<<more>>

Gas Carburizing Furnace, Pit Furnace - Anil Enterprises

Parts are surface hardened in this process. The furnace consists of a vacuum chamber in which a workload is suspended. Surface hardening takes place in the plasma of a current-intensive glow discharge....<<more>>

Vacuum Carburizing Large Gears- Thermal Processing Magazine

Vacuum Carburizing is a solid alternative to conventional endothermic gas carburizing in an integral quench or pit furnace. Stack Metallurgical Services uses a Seco Warwick two chamber, vacuum carburizing, oil quench furnace to process large gears (see Figure 1 )....<<more>>

Pit Furnace - Annealing / Annealing under protective

Pit furnace is available with or without retorts in customized dimensions and variations to carry out complete heat treatment process. Pit furnaces are used in various applications like gears of wind power generation and bearings in railway industry for gas carburizing and nitriding...<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces & Vacuum Heat Treatment - SECO/WARWICK

Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces. Modern, precise, energy efficient and ecological vacuum heat treatment equipment with guaranteed technology. SECO/WARWICK’s experience in developing these solutions dates back to the 70s of the twentieth century, when vacuum-based heat treatment technologies emerged in the aerospace, automotive, defense, metallurgical, medical, nuclear, and utility industries....<<more>>

Selecting the Best Carburizing Method for the Heat

found numerous benefits in substituting vacuum carburizing with high gas pressure quenching for in Position for Loading into a Vacuum Carburizing Furnace followed by High Gas Pressure or Oil Quenching. Furnace types include box, pit, mechanized box (integral- and sealed-quench furnaces), pusher, conveyor (mesh ...<<more>>

shanghai factory price vacuum vertical resistance

Tags: Well-type Resistance Furnace | Batch Type Factory price Pit gas carburizing furnace/vacuum carburizingWell Type Annealing Furnace Vertical Pit Vac China carburizing furnace wholesale - Alibaba. Read More....<<more>>

vacuum furnace for vacuum carburizing and nitriding

Low pressure Vacuum carburizing and heat treating: aerospace, Midwest Thernal Vac is a leader in providing vacuum carburizing, traditional heat treating, plasma nitriding and vacuum tempering services....<<more>>

Vacuum carburizing - SECO/WARWICK

FineCarb ? Vacuum Carburizing. Guarantee of carburizing repeatability and uniformity of the case from 0,1mm to 5mm. Unique carburizing gas mixture. Total elimination of process by-products, like soot and tar, green manufacturing process....<<more>>

Gas Carbonizing Furnace - HKFurnace

RQ3 series Pit type gas carburizing furnace of is a high-precision, ultra save energy efficient industrial heat treatment furnace. The furnace is mainly used for the gas carburizing of steel parts, Case Hardening/ Carbonitriding for Plain Carbon Steels, Gears, Machined parts, Stampings....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treatment | ECM Technologies

ECM Technologies has been manufacturing vacuum furnaces since 1964. Today, more than 1,500 vacuum furnaces are installed throughout the world, for an extended range of applications: low pressure carburizing, annealing (ageing, magnetic…) vacuum brazing, gas quenching, oil quenching, sintering, post additive manufacturing…...<<more>>

Furnace - Fully Automatic Vacuum Furnaces Manufacturer

Our organization has gained recognition as the affluent Manufacturer of a qualitative range of Fully Automatic Vacuum Furnaces.These are pit pot type furnace, widely used for hardening, case carburizing, and carbonitriding of various steel fabricated components....<<more>>

high temperature pit t e gas carburizing vacuum furnace

pit gas carburizing furnace for sale - pit gas carburizing pit gas carburizing furnace wholesale, buy pit gas carburizing furnace from 219 pit gas carburizing furnace suppliers from China of page 6....<<more>>

china supplier pit type knife vacuum nitriding furnace

Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace. Pit Type Gas Carburizing Furnace from S-now Industrial Furnace Co.,Ltd on Manufacturer. This supplier is loed in Foshan, China in the province...<<more>>

C.I. Hayes: Small Batch Vacuum Furnaces

C.I. Hayes “VCQ-ME” Small Batch Vacuum Furnace is ideal. This furnace offers great flexibility, having the ability to heat treat low, medium and high carbon oil quench, gas cooling (above oil) and vacuum cooling. The “VCQ-ME” Small Batch Vacuum Carburizing Pit Furnaces A Nitriding Pit Furnaces A Car Bottom Furnaces A...