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Muffle Furnace is a front-loading box-type oven or kiln used for high-temperature applications such as fusing glass, creating enamel coatings, ceramics and soldering and brazing articles....<<more>>

Bionase Lab PLC control systrm 1200C Research-based Type

Bionase Lab PLC control systrm 1200C Research-based Type Muffle Furnace/Furnace Price, US $ 2,000 - 6,000 / Set, Laboratory Heating Equipments, BIOBASE, MR 5-12TP.Source from Biobase Biodustry (Shandong) Co., Ltd. on Alibaba....<<more>>

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Capture is a free bootstrap v3.3.2 app landing page perfect to present you IOS, android or windows application in an elegant way....<<more>>

Biobase Research-based Type Chamber Electric Furnace

Biobase Research-based Type Chamber Electric Furnace, US $ 1,500 - 1,700 / Unit, Laboratory Heating Equipments, BIOBASE, 2.5-12TP.Source from Biobase Biodustry ...<<more>>

1400℃ Box type resistance muffle furnace-Kejia Furnace

Description: KJ-M1400D Box type resistance muffle furnace,it's easy to load sample.It consists of high quality alumina fiber brick and SiC heating elements with special design, and can be used up to 1400 C. It is an ideal tool for materials annealing and sintering in your research laboratory....<<more>>

The furnace body structure of the vacuum furnace

The furnace body is a horizontal cylindrical double layer water cooling structure, including the shell, heating chamber, front door and rear furnace door. The material of the shell flange is stainless steel and the argon arc welding is adopted....<<more>>

High Temperature Furnace, Vacuum Tube Furnace Price

4) Furnace body have the internal and external double-layer structure, heat insulation effect is good, the outer furnace wall temperature is low. Fast heating and heat preservation performance is good, the energy saving effect is obvious....<<more>>

JK Atmosphere Furnace - 1400°C

High quality Alumina fiber inner insulator and double layer steel outer layer with air cooling fan to keep case temperature below 55C(energy saving 40% and weight lighter about 30% than old furnace)....<<more>>

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Bench-top Muffle Furnace (4x3.8x5", 1.3L) upto 1100 C: Double layer steel structure with air cooling fan to keep case temperature below 55oC It is deal equipment to make small quantity sample in material and chemical research lab. Specifications: Oscillation frequency: 1,200 rounds/min....<<more>>

FH(X) series Fume Hood--Biobase Meihua, professional

Fume Hood is used to protect lab environment and operator during general chemical applications .It actively protects operator from inhaling toxic vapors and dramatically reduces the risk of fire and explosion....<<more>>

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Muffle furnace is a rectangular electric furnace with fast heating system. The body made of thick mild steel, with iron angles and duly powder coated. The maximum temp. 1000O C and working temp. 900O C controlled by microprocessor based digital temp....<<more>>

A highly thermally stable Mn–Cu–Fe composite oxide based

A double layer of refractory nitrides, Cu 1.5–2.0 and Fe 69–73 wt% respectively, using a precise temperature controllable muffle furnace (Nabertherm model L 5/12/P330) with varying different process parameters like heating rate FTIR spectrometer equipped with the standard accessories of black body furnace and a high pressure cell ...<<more>>

1200.C electric lab muffle furnace for university

Heavy duty double layer structure with cooling fan to keep furnace exteriors safe to touch. 0.5" diameter observation window made of quartz glass allows the user to see inside chamber. Vent port installed on top doubles as outlet for gas flow,need order at extra cost ....<<more>>

1700°C High Temperature Hydrogen Atmosphere Box Furnace, 8

The furnace consists of high quality alumina fiber bricks and Mo alloy heating elements with a heating chamber of 8"x 8"x12", as well as a vacuum-sealed steel case with water cooling jacket and automatic H2 burning system....<<more>>

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In this work, the muffle furnace is used for bonding copper to ceramic. Temperature profile, oxygen concentration during the bonding process and final treatment is described....<<more>>

Muffle Furnace — Optosense

OPT series high temperature furnaces use double shell structure and intelligent temperature control of phase-shifted control. The furnaces consists of high purity alumina polycrystalline fiber brick. Its double layer between the furnace shell is equipped with air cooling system, which makes temperature cool and rise quickly....<<more>>

CY-O1200-80IIIC Tube Furnace -

CY-O1200-80IIIC tube furnace adopt with double layer steel structure with a max. working temperature of 1200℃ and built-in precision temperature controller can provide up to 30 segments of heating and cooling steps with +/- 1 °C accuracy.Double heating zone with separately temperature controller allows user monitor each heating zone separately....<<more>>

CN101908389B - Preparation method for activated carbon

[0003] The electrochemical double layer capacitor electrode predominantly carbon-based material, such as activated carbon, glassy carbon, a fiber, a gel, high density graphite, pyrolytic polymer matrix obtained foam, a carbon nanotube, mesophase carbon microbeads (MCMB) and so on....<<more>>

zirconia ceramic parts with high strength and good

Ceramic Tube & Tod & Ring Zirconia Structure Ceramic Parts also named engineering ceramics, fine ceramics, has excellent wear and corrosion resistance. mr2.5-12tp 1200c 12l muffle furnace research-based type with double-layer fu; cheap wolfram crucible; yf1400 1400c muffle furnace high temperature electric muffle furnace chamber ...<<more>>

Design and optimization of coating structure for the

Considering that the LC layer has lower thermal conductivity compared with the YSZ layer, when the total thickness of the ceramic layer remains constant, the optimized structure for this type of TBCs is n 2 = 0.04, n 3 = 0.01 and m = n 4 /n 2 = 1/4....