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A2 Technical Data - Tool Steel | High Speed Steel | Tool

A2 Tool Steel. A2 Tool Steel is a versatile, air-hardening tool steel that is characterized by good toughness and excellent dimensional stability in heat treatment.A2 is intermediate in wear resistance between O1 oil-hardening tool steel and D2 high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel....<<more>>

Baofu Industrial(Shanghai)Co., Ltd - Die steel, Mould

Bao Fu Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the largest dealers of Baosteel Group for Special Steel, tool steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, mainly oriented to the domestic and foreign markets....<<more>>

Vacuum and sintering furnaces | DAIDO STEEL

A vacuum heat treatment furnace for sintering of powders of alloy steel, stainless steel, and rare-earth for molding etc. Roller hearth continuous vacuum furnace Used for continuous process of removing binder, sintering , and cooling of powder molds and for general heat treatment....<<more>>

Vac Long Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Brief Description. Jen Long quenching furnace is the most advanced vacuum furnace with gas quenching system design for a wide range of heat treatment applications including quench hardening, tempering, degassing, annealing and brazing of mold, high speed steel and special products in aerospace industry....<<more>>

How heat treating and annealing stainless steel impacts

Surgical instruments, food processing parts and mold components are typically made from 420 stainless steel. 440C stainless steel (the “C” denotes a higher carbon content) is well-suited for tool and die applications in the food processing industry due to its higher hardness....<<more>>

Vacuum heat treatment of high speed steel cutting tools

Introduction. High speed steel (HSS) is a complex alloy tool steel accounting for over 30% of the global cutting tool market. Critical to the performance of HSS cutting tools is the heat treatment cycle, that is, preheat, high heat, quenching and multiple tempering....<<more>>

Tool Steel | Machine Design

The same properties that qualify tool steels for tools and dies are also used for other parts that require resistance to wear, stability during heat treatment, strength at high temperatures, or ...<<more>>

What Is Tool Steel ? (Six Groups With Details) - Otai

There are six groups of tool steel: water-hardening, cold-work tool steels, shock-resisting, high-speed, hot-work, and special purpose/plastic mold tools steel. The choice of group to select depends on, cost, working temperature, required surface hardness, strength, shock resistance, and toughness requirements....<<more>>

Vacuum Melting Furnace|SIMUWU-News

Vacuum smelting furnace is based on the heating principle that alternating electromagnetic field produces eddy current heat in metal materials. Under the condition of vacuum or protective atmosphere, the melting and casting of steel, special steel, superalloy, precision alloy, non-ferrous metal, rare earth permanent magnet material and other materials are completed....<<more>>

Correct method of heat treatment of A2 tool steel question

Bryson's book is great for a person interested in getting the nuts and bolts of how to select and heat treat tool steel in-house. Not a lot of fluff and theory or time spent discussing high-end high-volume (vacuum furnaces and the like) but down-to-earth practical approaches....<<more>>

DC53,PGK,Tool steel,die steel,mold steel,alloy steel,blade

DC53 steel is a new general purpose cold work die and mold steel whose strength and toughness approach those of high-speed steels. DC53 steel, is an improvement over alloy tool steel D2 specified in Standard (JIS) G4404....<<more>>

vacuum furnace application - vacfurnace

Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace is applied for quenching high-speed tool steel, measuring vacuum hardening vacuum heat treatment furnace supplier and users vacuum furnace user Info:Domestic factories, UAE, Korea users....<<more>>

Welding high speed steel - weldingweb

I have to weld high speed steel tools from time to time, and am looking to improve the quality of my welds. I am using a lincoln powermig 350 mp machine, and my filler metal is weld mold 966, and run straight argon gas....<<more>>

Gas Quenching Vacuum Furnace w High Pressure Quench 2 to

Vector, An Advanced Vacuum Furnace with High Pressure Gas Quench. High speed cycles with high pressure gas quench Low consumption of energy, process gases and other utilities Tool steel's heat treatment simulation software - G-Quench Pro Vacuum Heat Treat Furnaces....<<more>>

Vacuum Annealing - Winchester, Kentucky - ky Heat Treat

Kentucky Heat Treating offers Vacuum Annealing. Vacuum Annealing Capabilities Furnace Temperature Range 1400-2100 oF Furnace Gross Weight Capacity 2000 lb Equipment List Vacuum Furnace Materials High Speed Steel Stainless Steel Tool Steel. Alloy and Carbon Steel. Maximum Length 72 in Maximum Width 36 in Maximum Height 36 in...<<more>>

High Speed Steel And Stainless Steels Sintering Furnace

RVS series vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace is mainly used in the base stainless steel, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high proportion alloy, metal ceramics, magnetic materials, carbide, boride, oxide and intermetallic compounds, oxide sintered in vacuum or carrier gas absorbent and high temperature sintering....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Guidance - West Yorkshire Steel Co Ltd

Heat treatment temperatures, including rate of heating, cooling and soaking times will vary due to factors such as the shape and size of each steel component. Other considerations during the heat treatment process include the type of furnace, quenching medium and work piece transfer facilities....<<more>>

Super Series? Vacuum Furnaces, Heat Treating Furnace

T-M Vacuum Super Series vacuum furnaces are the high vacuums – high-temperature, technically advanced vacuum furnaces to satisfy all of your heat-treating needs. There is a two cubic work zone within the all- stainless steel chamber of these vacuum furnaces that are capable of holding up to 200 pounds of material....<<more>>


Hot zone with graphite insulation. to avoid the loss of of a vacuum furnace can schematically alloying elements to the vacuum. and therefore. 850°C (1560°F).HEAT TREATMENT OF TOOL STEEL SOME PRACTICAL ISSUES VACUUM TECHNOLOGY ? When the furnace reaches a tem- At high temperature....<<more>>

Heat Treat Furnace | eBay

This is a large capacity, top loading furnace with an electric gearmotor operated side-swing cover and a stainless steel lined work area. The stainless steel retort has a trough into which the cover s...<<more>>

How Is Tool Steel Made? | Metal Supermarkets - Steel

Our stock includes: stainless steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, tool steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Our hot rolled and cold rolled steel is available in a wide range of shapes including: bars, tubes, sheets and plates....