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A wide variety of boron nitride tube options are available to you, such as ceramic tubes, ceramic parts, and ceramic plates. You can also choose from refractory, industrial ceramic, and structure ceramic....<<more>>

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High thermal conductivity Boron Nitride Ceramic for sale. Boron Nitride Ceramic has high thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical insulation, but also has a high thermal conductivity, dielectric propertie...<<more>>

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Excellent electrical insulation and thermal conductivity makes BN very useful as a heat sink in high power electronic applications. Its properties compare favorably with beryllium oxide, aluminum oxide and other electronic packaging materials, and easier machinable to desired shapes and sizes ....<<more>>

Significant Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity in

Significant Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity in Bioinspired Freestanding Boron Nitride Papers Filled with Graphene Oxide...<<more>>

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for High Temperature Furnace Applications ?A proven range of HeBoSint Boron Nitride components for high temperature furnace applications Precisely manufactured to customer specifications Good thermal conductivity Excellent machinability of sintered components...<<more>>

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High thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation are the two main properties of AlN Ceramic. Aluminum Nitride substrates are typically used in heat dissipation substrate, LED package, power module, wafer bonding, power resistor...<<more>>

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Boron N itride material has high thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical insulation, but also has a high thermal conductivity, dielectric properties, and easy processing products and so on. Its melting point up to 2800 ℃, is a typical electrical insulator, but also an excellent thermal conductor....<<more>>

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Boron Nitride. Fused Silica. Good thermal conductivity: Excellent size and shape capability: High strength and stiffness: Available in purity ranges from 94%, an easily metallizable composition, to 99.8% for the most demanding high temperature applications. Weight loss in vacuum ranges from 10 –7 to 10 –6 g/cm 2.sec over a ...<<more>>

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Aremco offers a broad range of machinable and dense ceramics for applications that require high temperature Tubes, Furnace and Tooling Insulation, Kiln Furniture, Welding Jigs, Hot Forming Dies Hot-pressed 94% and 99% boron nitride provides high thermal conductivity, electrical insulation, and low coefficient of...<<more>>

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XXX Solid BN Boron Nitride Components for Vacuum Furnaces. Aluminum oxide is the most commonly used technical ceramic material. Thanks to its very good electrical insulation, dielectric strength and high temperature resistance up to 1750 ° C, Alumina Ceramic is ideal for electrical applications and high-temperature applications....<<more>>

Composition and Application of Coatings Based on Boron Nitride

Advanced ceramic materials such as boron nitride coatings showing good thermal conductivity or good thermal insulating properties. Electrically conductive or non-conductive thermocouple tubes before immersing them in melts. 4.2 Application Boron nitride coatings should be applied on clean surfaces....<<more>>

Non-oxide Ceramics – Aluminum Nitride (AlN)

Aluminum nitride (AlN) is a technical ceramic material that features an extremely interesting combination of very high thermal conductivity and excellent electrical insulation properties....<<more>>

Pyrolytic Boron – Properties and Applications

Pyrolytic Boron Nitride (PBN) is a high-temperature, anisotropic, ceramic, which shows an exclusive combination of high electrical resistance and superior thermal conductivity. This non-toxic, non-porous compound is highly pure due to the synthesis process, which is high temperature or low pressure chemical vapour deposition....<<more>>

Significant Enhancement of Thermal Conductivity in

We experimentally show that the papers possess high thermal conductivity of 29.8 W m –1 K –1, excellent mechanical flexibility, and satisfactory electrical insulation. We attribute the high thermal conductivity to the well-designed BNNS–GO interface as well as the advantageous orientation in layered structure....<<more>>

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Shin-Etsu MicroSi’s PBN (Pyrolytic Boron Nitride) properties include an excellent tensile strength at high temperatures, chemical inertness, high purity, outstanding thermal conductivity and high electrical resistivity....<<more>>

CW7250 | Boron Nitride Thermal Grease, 1.85W/m·K | RS

Circuitworks Boron Nitride Heat Sink Grease. Ultra-high efficiency, thermally conductive grease Provides maximum thermal conductivity with superior dielectric properties Silicone free compound will not harden or dry out Electrically insulative, noncorrosive and nonflammable Thermally stable from -99.4°F/-73°C to 392°F/200°C Exceeds MIL-C-47113 for Thermal Conductivity Formulated for ...<<more>>

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Hexagonal boron nitride is a kind of loose white powder, similar to the properties of graphite, which has known as the "white graphite". It has good electrical insulation, thermal resistance and chemical resistance; anti-oxidation temperature can up to 900....<<more>>

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Unlike graphite, Boron Nitride has excellent electrical insulation and retains lubricity even in vacuum environments. Boron Nitride exhibits excellent thermal conductivity, resistance to molten metals, glasses and salts; and is ideal with ceramic hot-pressing....<<more>>

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3M Boron Nitride sintered parts has high thermal resistance, electrical insulation, thermal conductivity and lubricity. And combination with SiC, Zirconia, it has various BN-composite materials. The application are electronics, semiconductor, LED, OLED, insulator in vacuum furnace, side-dam in steel industry, refractory industry and etc....<<more>>

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Important material properties include good to excellent thermal conductivity and good to excellent dielectric properties. Materials in common usage include aluminum oxide, beryllium oxide, boron nitride and aluminum nitride....<<more>>


It retains tensile strength at temperatures above 1000 °C, exhibits a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good electrical conductivity properties favorable to creating molybdenum components and assemblies for the electronic, semiconductor, high temperature vacuum furnace and lighting industries....