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Photomicrography winning images over the years - Page 2

Nikon's Small World has been displaying photography through the microscope since 1974, but its photomicrography competition dates back to 1977. Here are some of the winning images through the years....<<more>>

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Tantalum hafnium carbide - Wikipedia

Tantalum hafnium carbide is a refractory chemical compound with a general formula Ta x Hf y-x C y, which can be considered as a solid solution of tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide....<<more>>

Tantalum carbide - Wikipedia

Only tantalum hafnium carbide may have a slightly higher melting point of about 3942 °C, whereas the melting point of hafnium carbide is comparable to that of TaC. Contents 1 Preparation...<<more>>


nasa technical note vaporization of tantalum-carbide-hafnium-carbide solid solutions at 2500° to 3000° k by ddniez l. deudmore lewis resemch center czevezund, ohio national aeronautics and space administration washington, d. c. november 1964...<<more>>

Tantalum Hafnium Carbide | AMERICAN ELEMENTS

Tantalum Hafnium Carbide is a mixture of tantalum carbide and hafnium carbide that is extremely refractory, with an approximate melting point of 3990 °C. Please request a quote above to receive pricing information based on your specifications....<<more>>

Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of single

Tantalum and hafnium contents in the binary carbides were determined by EDS according to the spectral lines of Hf-L and Ta-L, which were then compared to the XRD data by assuming that a tantalum carbide-based solid solution was formed....<<more>>

Tantalum Carbide Spacecraft | Tantalum Carbide Uses

Tantalum Carbide is a refractive material that can be used in spacecraft shielding; tantalum carbide is very useful materialBeing able to withstand temperatures of nearly 4000°C could pave the way for hafnium carbide and tantalum carbide materials to be used in ever more extreme environments....