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Hacker gets a whopping 14 years in prison for running Scan4You service 4 hours agoand implementing a successful transformation can reap significant long-term benefits for any enterprise. This...<<more>>

Bye bye imported oil? New tech converts junk plastics into

Even then, the long term success will ultimately hinge on whether the cost of imported oil remains above a fixed point where these companies can continue sell oil at a competitive rate. For now...<<more>>

High-Temperature Vacuum Systems - Production Furnace

Vacuum furnace systems allow for high temperature processing in a fully controlled oxygen free environment. The hot zone of the furnace is contained entirely within a sealed water cooled vessel which allows for a controlled atmosphere and minimal insulation to reduce cool down time of the system....<<more>>

Vacuum Hot Press Furnace, Vacuum Tube Furnace, High

Vacuum hot pressing furnace is widely used in hard alloy, functional ceramics, powder metallurgy, etc. under high temperature and high vacuum conditions, and can be hot pressed and sintered under the condition of aeration protection....<<more>>

11 | October | 2017 | | SIMUWU - vacfurnace|vacuum furnace

vacuum furnace operation. With the development of industry, the use of vacuum furnace more and more widely. Vacuum furnace in the long-term construction process, will produce parts failure and damage, resulting in decreased mechanical operating capacity....<<more>>

vacuum sintering cvd tube furnace for carbon nanowires nbd

goo of vacuum furnace with long-term service hot china supplier vacuum heat treatment furnace mini 3d vacuum heat presshigh temperature sintering vacuum furnace...<<more>>

China Bottom Loading Furnace manufacturer, Vacuum Furnace

Bottom Loading Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, Rotary Tube Furnace, Rapid Anealing Furnace, Chamber Movable Tube Furnace, Lab Pouring Furnace Company Introduction Nobody Materials Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprise, mainly engaged in the research, development, design, manufacturing and...<<more>>

laboratory vacuum sintering electric atmosphere furnace

Electric atmosphere vacuum furnace/vacuum gas quenching furnace,electric vacuum furnace,vacuum sintering furnace,vacuum heating treatment furnace Read More Exw Price Laboratory Gas Atmosphere Sintering Furnace - Buy...