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Controlled Atmosphere Copper Continuous Bright Annealing Heat

Controlled atmosphere copper continuous bright annealing heat treatment electrical resistance furnace The continuous type bright annealing furnace for copper and brass materials. It is use to soften copper and brass pipes and strips for drawing purpose....<<more>>


continuous style, controlled atmosphere bright annealing furnaces to heat treat stainless steels after cold rolling is becoming more common as the aerospace and automotive producers increase the use of stainless steel components on existing designs and explore...<<more>>

High Temperature Continuous Bright Annealing Furnace for

High temperature continuous bright annealing furnace for stainless steel strip The bight annealing lines are used for hot-rolled and cold-rolled stainless strip for high-quality end products.A wide range of stainless steel strip can be processed in these furnace types.New design concepts for...<<more>>

Bright Annealed (BA) Unpolished Finish | Penn Stainless Products

Bright Annealed (BA) is produced by heat-treating (annealing) steel with a controlled atmosphere furnace. After heat-treatment, the steel has a reflective, mirror-like appearance, but may also have some imperfections and cloudiness....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace | Controlled Atmosphere Brazing Furnace

Our Bright Annealing Furnace provides solution annealing in a controlled atmosphere to minimize oxidation while relieving the internal stress and increasing ductility of the steel components. By applying controlled heat, the steel parts are heated then cooled slowly in our continuous oven....<<more>>

controlled atmosphere stainless steel sink bright annealing

eichuan Machinery is a manufacturer of high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces with an installed base of over 6500 units worldwide. Our furnace offering ranges from large commercial and production units with hot zones over 3m x 3m, to smaller Laboratory and Research & Development furnaces for use at temperatures up to 3500°C.While many of our furnaces are standard ...<<more>>

Continuous Bright Annealing Equipment, Continuous Bright

It is used for continuous bright annealing, in a controlled atmosphere (pure hydrogen, while argon is utilized to flush the unit) of stainless steel welded pipes....<<more>>

US4744837A - Bright annealing of stainless steels - Google

A process for bright annealing of chromium containing alloys such as stainless steels in an atmosphere of nitrogen and hydrogen containing controlled additions of an inhibitor as described in U.S. Pat. No. 4,334,938 wherein at least one element provided at the surface of the article being annealed in an amount such that it is oxidized in preference to the chromium in said article, whereby ...<<more>>

Annealing Furnace - Annealing Furnace for Pipes Manufacturer

The annealing furnace is roller hearth type with an AC motor drive to regulate the speed of the stainless steel rollers (conveyers) as required. The annealing furnace incorporates a unique energy saving feature wherein the flue gas has been recirculated for preheating the pipes before being fed to the furnace....<<more>>

Ammonia Dissociator Bright Annealing Furnace

Bright annealing is the annealing of stainless steel sheet and strip continuously in a controlled-atmosphere furnace an ammonia storage tank, a dissociator ...<<more>>


specifications: purpose: coil to coil horizontal furnace to bright anneal stainless steel strip in a controlled hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere using a web loop tension control system to prevent stretching and shape deformity....<<more>>

US20070107817A1 - Method for controlling bright annealing

The steam partial pressure of the internal environment within a bright annealing furnace generating a boron oxide is reduced to less than about 1×10 ?5 by lowering the dew point of the internal furnace environment....<<more>>

Annealing Furnace, Annealing Furnace Suppliers and

Used Stainless steel and copper mesh belt continuous controlled atmosphere electric resistance bright annealing furnace...<<more>>

Heat Treat Furnaces with protective atmosphere - Keith Company

To avoid oxidation on steel-, stainless steel- and Titanium parts during heat treatment, free oxygen in the furnace chamber must be eliminated. This can be achieved by injection Nitrogen or Argon into the furnace chamber to create an inert (passive) atmosphere....<<more>>

Annealing | Linde Gas

CARBOTHAN ? is a nitrogen/methanol-based atmosphere system, which generates a very flexible, high-quality atmosphere for carburising, neutral hardening, annealing and sintering of steel. The CARBOTHAN atmosphere system includes methanol storage and supply, flow control, injection and distribution to the furnace....<<more>>

Annealing Companies - Zycon

Annealing is a heat-treating operation wherein metal is heated to a temperature above its critical range, held there long enough to allow full recrystallization, then slowly cooled through the critical range....