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New York City apparent gas explosion leaves people unaccounted for a day later

New York City Fire Department firefighters respond to a fire at the site of a residential apartment building collapse and fire in New York City's...<<more>>

Gas Nitriding Furnaces - Heat treatment furnace, vacuum

Gas Nitriding Furnaces SECO/WARWICK offers various furnace styles in Batch and Continuous for Gas Nitriding. SECO/WARWICK is a technology leader with the proprietary ZeroFlow? method of economical gas...<<more>>

Gas Nitriding Furnaces, Ferritic NitroCarburizing FNC

In addition to Gas Nitriding, Ferritic NitroCarburizing (FNC) is a related nitriding process which is gaining much popularity due to the specific wear and anti-corrosion properties offered, including coupling with post-process high temperature oxidation....<<more>>

Vacuum gas nitriding furnace - vacfurnace

First, the use of vacuum gas nitriding furnace Nitriding, nitrocarburizing and steam treatment of high-speed steels for all kinds of workpieces are especially suitable for stainless steel piston rings with nitriding of slits, deep holes and blind hole molds....<<more>>

Gas Nitriding Furnaces - Surface Combustion

This high alloy retort contains the ammonia, nitrogen, hydrogen and hydrocarbon atmosphere required for the nitriding process. This retort is traditionally vertically oriented and the furnace loading style is in the configuration of a bell or a pit style....<<more>>

Gas Nitriding Furnace

Gas nitriding allows for accurate control of both the process temperature and nitriding atmosphere (carbon potential). The furnaces are equipped with multiple controlled heating zones. The furnace using ultra-energy structure, the industry's advanced of high-purity ceramic fiber insulation....<<more>>

Vacuum Gas-Nitriding Furnace Produces Precision Nitrided Parts

high × 48 in. deep. It is made com-pletely of graphitic materials that are inert to the anhydrous ammonia used in nitriding. The furnace provides rapid, uniform...