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Microsoft plans biogas-fueled data center that runs off

Microsoft also plans to test its "data furnace" concept – heat created by the data center will be funneled back into the treatment plant to keep the microbes used in water treatment heated to...<<more>>

Xenoblade Chronicles Walkthrough - GameSpot

Xenoblade is a huge game with a plethora of side-quests and optional content. Our guide will help you through the main story, as well as provide a wealth of information relating to side quests...<<more>>

Tempering (metallurgy) - Wikipedia

Tempering is a heat treatment technique applied to ferrous alloys, such as steel or cast iron, to achieve greater toughness by decreasing the hardness of the alloy. The reduction in hardness is usually accompanied by an increase in ductility, thereby decreasing the brittleness of the metal....<<more>>

Heat treating - Wikipedia

Heat treating (or heat treatment) is a group of industrial and metalworking processes used to alter the physical, and sometimes chemical, properties of a material. The most common application is metallurgical ....<<more>>

What is the Difference between Heat Treatment, Annealing

Heat Treatment Tempering and annealing are actually two different types of heat treatment. Heat treatment is a process using the controlled application of heat to alter the physical and chemical properties of a material, and is generally used in metals....<<more>>

What is Heat Treatment? Hardening, Tempering, Annealing

Heat treatment is the heating and cooling of metals to change their physical and mechanical properties, without letting it change its shape. Heat treatment could be said to be a method for strengthening materials but could also be used to alter some mechanical properties such as improving formability, machining, etc....<<more>>

Tempering - Hardening and tempering - Bodycote Plc

Tempering is a low temperature (below A1) heat treatment process normally performed after neutral hardening, double hardening, atmospheric carburising, carbonitriding or induction hardening in order to reach a desired hardness/toughness ratio....<<more>>

Hardening and tempering - Metal heat treatment - Bodycote Plc

Tempering is a low temperature heat treatment process normally performed after a hardening process in order to reach a desired hardness/toughness ratio. Hardening and tempering Case hardening is the process of hardening the surface of a metal by infusing elements into the material’s surface, forming a thin layer of harder alloy....