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Hot Zone Design for Vacuum Furnaces - Vacaero

The hot zone is perhaps the most critical feature of a vacuum furnace in terms of its affect on furnace performance and operating cost. There are a variety of hot zone designs and the choice of a design should be based on a careful analysis of specific processing applications....<<more>>

GRAPhITE MATERIALS AnD SySTEMS Specialty Graphites for High

c Heating cage of a continuous inert gas furnace with SIGRAFINE heating tubes and a SIGRAFINE HLM muffle c Heating elements made of a combination of graphite and C/C...<<more>>

Heating Elements - CeraMaterials

(for all electric & vacuum furnaces) Silicon Carbide Globars Please send us the type, size & heat length zone, or the model # & brand of what you use now. & we will quote price & delivery....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces - Thermal-Vac Technology

A vacuum furnace is a type of furnace that can heat materials, typically metals, to very high temperatures and carry out processes such as brazing, sintering and heat treatment with high consistency and low contamination....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Heating Elements – Part 1

Years ago, most heating elements for vacuum furnaces were made of molybdenum, as early graphite heating element designs were bulky, with limited configurations offered, and they were susceptible to failure at the electrical connections....<<more>>

Used Vacuum Furnaces | The Monty | The Monty Heat Treat News

This unique ultra high temperature furnace is high vacuum, has resistance heating with all graphite hot zone and graphite felt insulation for high efficiency operation. 480 volt 3PH 50/60 HZ, 160 KVA....<<more>>

Graphite Furnaces - Materials Research Furnaces, Inc.

Our graphite furnaces are capable of operating at 3000°C on a continuous basis in inert gas, or 2200°C in a vacuum. Graphite is a desirable material in various thermal applications due to its thermal properties and chemical resistance....<<more>>

High Temperature Graphite Furnace - Vacuum Furnace | Thermal

The High Temperature Graphite (HTG) Furnace is the most economical vacuum furnace system for processes that require high temperatures up to and above 2500°C that are not affected by a carbon containing environment, for materials please see our APF product line....<<more>>

Vacuum Graphite Furnace HTK GR - Carbolite Gero

The Graphite Furnace HTK GR operates with rough/fine vacuum, protective gases such as Nitrogen/Argon, and reactive gases like Hydrogen and Carbon Monoxide. The Graphite Furnace HTK GR cannot operate in an Oxygen atmosphere due to the Graphite insulation....<<more>>

Vacuum furnace hot zone: graphite vs all-metal design #1

Vacuum furnace heating chambers are designed to heat the load and insulate the hot zone. They consist of a frame that forms the load-bearing structure containing the insulation system, the resistor and the zone where the load to be treated is housed....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Industry - Graphite Machining Inc

Graphite Machining Inc. - Specialists in the machining of graphite heating elements, bolts, fixturing, furnace linings, feed throughs, hearth rails and other refractory products for high temperature vacuum furnaces....<<more>>

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LF-PH9010 microwave tube furnace is composed of furnace, microwave heating system, insulation system, feeding and discharge system and control system. 2.Be applicable to the vacuum and various atmosphere under the condition of synthesis, such as roasting, heat treatment and sintering process research etc. 3....<<more>>

Graphite Applied In Vacuum Furnace Industry - xrdcarbon

Also, graphite have the advantage of heating structure uniform, good performance of electrical conductivity,high current capacity,high corrosion & oxidation resistant,high degree of chemical purity and high mechanical strength....<<more>>

Laboratory Vacuum Furnaces: Series LF Graphite Hot Zone

A typical furnace is made up of a double-walled, water-cooled 304L stainless steel chamber with water-cooled, hinged lid, a hot zone with a graphite element and rigidized fibrous graphite insulation, a power supply, temperature sensor, controller and over-temperature controller with hot zone interlock....<<more>>

Graphite Hot Zone Furnace - Centorr Vacuum Industries

The Centorr Vacuum Industries Series 46 High Temperature Vacuum or Controlled Atmosphere, Bottom Loading, Cold Wall, Graphite Furnaces are simple and easy to operate. A furnace system typically consists of the Basic Furnace Chamber Assembly, the Evacuation System, the Process Gas System, the Power Supply, the Temperature Control Instrumentation...