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Smart home technology promises to make your living space more comfortable, more convenient, and more secure. We're here to put those claims to the test to help you find the right gadgets for your...<<more>>

Chicago is using phones to map its underground pipes - CNET

UI Labs At a bird's eye view, Smart World displays a gray 3D representation of the city's buildings. But zoom in, beyond the buildings, and a network of pipes appears beneath the streets....<<more>>

Lab Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

High quality, high temperature lab furnaces and kilns in box and tube varieties. Made durable and accurate in the USA with multiple layouts and design options.Gas-Sealed Box Furnace (FL)Oak Ridge & Savanna River national labs and many others. Both Government (NASA) and private research facilities. University science laboratories;...<<more>>

high temperature vacuum portable gas furnace for

#1 Vacuum Furnace for High Temperature Laboratory Research. High temperature vacuum/inert gas atmosphere furnace designed specifically for university, industrial, and government research laboratories....<<more>>

Custom High-Temperature Lab Ovens and Furnaces

The types of labs using laboratory furnaces range from dental labs to university labs to quality-control labs. Accordingly, each of these laboratories have very different needs. For example, dental furnaces use high-temperature lab ovens to perform zirconia binder burnout, firing, and sintering....<<more>>

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Cleanroom, gravity and mechanical convection, vacuum and forced-air ovens by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shel-Lab and Terra Universal in a variety of capacity sizes Laboratory Furnaces Terra Universal carries a complete line of laboratory furnaces, including muffle, tube, vacuum and high temperature furnaces...<<more>>

Lab Furnaces Catalog and Furnaces, Ovens, & Accessories

? Lab Furnaces ? Furnaces, OvensThey are designed for efficient, high-temperature use with minimal maintenance. M104 Muffle FurnacesQuickly heat up and/or cool down samples with this convenient and flexible portable single-tube furnace, insulated with Thermo Scientific? Moldatherm?....<<more>>

Alibaba - Lab Muffle Furnace,Lab Tube Furnace

CE approved ST-1800MXM University Laboratory Mini Furnace for Powder Sintering high temperature muffle furnace. US $23001600C High temperature Argon Gas Vacuum Furnace with 200x200x200mm for America. US $3200 - 8600European Standard 1KG 2KG 3KG Mini portable gold melting furnace smelter graphite crucible no pollution price. US $399...