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A heating element surrounds the work area, with multiple layers of heat shielding encapsulating the hot zone to minimize heat losses and increase temperature uniformity. The maximum temperature of 3000 °C can be reached in rough vacuum levels with our Tungsten hot zone....<<more>>

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Tungsten/Molybdenum Weave and Mesh Furnace Elements Element Data Sheet (PDF) Competitively priced weave and mesh elements are available for any vacuum or inert atmosphere furnace brand....<<more>>

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H.C. Starck manufactures molybdenum and tungsten materials for application in high-temperature argon and vacuum atmosphere furnaces. It provides services such as pre-characterization of materials, for example, evaluating material performance after being subject to high-temperature annealing....<<more>>

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Please consult T-M Vacuum Products, Inc. at (856) 829-2000 for availability and pricing of these or any other option requirements for Performer vacuum heat treating furnaces. *All times and pressures are for clean, dry, empty, out-gassed furnace, starting from ambient pressure and temperature, and may vary....<<more>>

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T-M Vacuum Super Series vacuum furnaces are the high vacuums – high-temperature, technically advanced vacuum furnaces to satisfy all of your heat-treating needs. There is a two cubic work zone within the all- stainless steel chamber of these vacuum furnaces that are capable of holding up to 200 pounds of material....<<more>>

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Due to the design as pit-type furnace with tungsten heating, processes up to max. 2400 °C even in high vacuum can be implemented with models of the SVHT..-W product line. Models of the SVHT..-GR product line with graphite heating, also in pit-type design, can be operated in an inert gas atmosphere even up to max. 3000 °C....<<more>>

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Vacuum Furnace Options & Applications. Many different options are available for the vacuum furnaces range at the order stage, including advanced software, data loggers, and sophisticated digital controllers....<<more>>

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Moltun specializes in Metallurgy Technology like Tungsten Alloy Machining and Tungsten Processing for companies in need of a reliable supplier....<<more>>

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Tungsten is a greyish-white lustrous metal, which is a solid at room temperature. Tungsten has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure of all metals, and at temperatures over 1650°C has the highest tensile strength....<<more>>

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Vacuum/Controlled Atmosphere Batch Furnace. The basic design comprises of three standard hot zone sizes in four different temperature ranges (1000°C, 1315°C, 1650°C, and 2200°C), with a long list of optional equipment that makes this one of the most versatile custom-designed furnaces available today....<<more>>

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The vacuum furnace consists of a watercooled cylindrical chamber, a molybdenum hot zone with tungsten heaters, a roughing pump, a holding pump, a diffusion pump, a heat exchanger assembly, and all associated valving....<<more>>

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Find great deals on eBay for vacuum tube furnace. Shop with confidence....<<more>>

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We offer product solutions in vacuum heat treating, sintering, annealing, brazing, and all high temperature furnace applications in the medical, aerospace, defense and automotive industries. Furnace Parts...<<more>>

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Molybdenum or Tungsten rod heating elements; and all‐metal Tungsten, Molybdenum, or SS radiation shield hot zone for fast heating and cooling, and excellent process cleanliness. Cold Wall Vacuum furnace design with stainless steel inner jacket and outer jackets with baffled water cooling. ...<<more>>

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Introduction to furnace brazing What is brazing? The term “brazing” can be applied to any process which joins metals (of the same or dissimilar composition)...<<more>>

Induction Heating Bottom Loading Vacuum Sintering Furnace

IVS-B series vacuum induction bottom sintering furnace is a medium frequency induction heating sintering equipment. For high temperature sintering of copper-tungsten alloy, AlNiCo permanent magnet, NdFeB, carbon fiber graphitization, carbon-carbon composites, silicon carbide products, tungsten and molybdenum and other alloy materials....<<more>>

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techcommentary Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treating, Brazing and Sintering Introduction There are a wide variety of electric and fuel-fired furnace types used for materials...<<more>>

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Alloys of molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, and tungsten such as MoLa (molybdenum-lanthanum), MoW (molybdenum-tungsten), MHC, and TZM are ideally suited for the furnace and heat treating markets....<<more>>


REFRACTORY METALS HEAT TREATING PROGRESS ? NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2003 57 Fig. 3 — Furnace with tungsten rod heating elements. 1203htsb.qxd 11/17/03 3:45 PM Page 27. bricks as insulating materials. Simi- use in a vacuum furnace, the degree of vacuum should also be considered in addition to the operating tempera-...