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1400c 10-2pa vacuum heat treatment electric lab furnace

China Vacuum Furnace For Quenching/ Hardening/ Annealing/ Tempering/ Heat Treatment , Find Complete Details about China Vacuum Furnace For Quenching/ Hardenin Learn More 1400c Vacuum Furnace For Heating Treatment, 1400c Vacuum ...<<more>>

Evaluation of the Hardening Capacity of Low-Alloyed Steels

The technology of High Pressure Gas Quenching (HPGQ) in modern vacuum furnaces has already reached the level of 20 to 25 bar pressure and up to 80 m/s gas flow velocity....<<more>>

st-1400cg-4 lab sic vacuum intelligent tube furnace

Vacuum Experiment Furnace Suppliers, all Quality Vacuum ST1400CG-4 Lab SiC Vacuum Intelligent Tube Furnace for Laboratory Heating Experiment Country/Region: China (Mainland) Main Products: Lab Muffle Furnace,...<<more>>

Experimental Efficiency of Microwave Muffle Furnace

Safe and reliable microwave shielding design and multiple anti-leakage protection make your experiment more safe and reliable. Technical Parameters: Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace. Lab small vacuum induction melting furnace. Austempering annealing carburizing heat treatment continuous mesh belt furnace....<<more>>

imported vacuum pump laboratory induction type vacuum

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Gas-quenching when vacuum-brazing – any dangers?

A number of brazing shops today combine brazing and heat-treatment in their vacuum furnaces to join components together and then obtain certain desired base-metal properties in those brazed components via rapid cooling (quenching) immediately after brazing is done, and before the components are removed from the furnace....<<more>>

xy-1600vcb vertical vacuum tube heating furnace laboratory

furnace laboratory muffle furnace crystal growth 1200 degree quenching vacuum vertical tube furnace Heating Tube Furnace | Lab Fasting Quenching Tube 1000C Bench Top Muffle Furnace/Lab Furnace SGM....<<more>>

Microstructural Evolution during Austenitization and

studies were conducted with a short austenitizing time,10) a fast heating rate,12) was made using a vacuum induction furnace. The ingot was homogenized at 1523K for 3h, hot-rolled to a plate of 30mm Microstructural Evolution during Austenitization and Quenching of a 5% Cr Work Roll 1917....<<more>>

Quenching and tempering Furnace | Automatic annealing

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The Effect of Heat Treatment Atmosphere on Hardening of

As mentioned previously, the samples from the vacuum heat treatment experiments were obtained by withholding the samples in a vacuum furnace at 1040?C for 1 hour, 1.5 hours and 2 hours followed by vacuum furnace cooling under 2 bar pressure of N 2 at a rate of 30?C /minute....<<more>>

Crucible Tool Steel and Specialty Alloy General Information

Vacuum furnaces offer the best surface protection but usually require longer process cycles. The quench rate may be limited because of the inability to remove heat from a hot part fast enough to obtain maximum hardness....<<more>>

pid temperature controller vacuum atmosphere lab furnace

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Vacuum melting furnace | Dai-ichi kiden, expert of high

Description. Vacuum melting furnace using a high-frequency power source, melts the metal in a vacuum or in an inert gas atmosphere by rapid induction heating. This furnace melts materials in a vacuum chamber so that degassed. Also the melt would be induction stirred, therefore the furnace keep s the target ingot from contamination....<<more>>

IGBT InducTIon HardenInG and ITs applIcaTIon In sInGapore

Supply is fast replacing the conventional vacuum tube power supply. It uses the Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor technology features of induction hardening. (10,12) The quenching technique used is based on the part size, geometry, hardenability of material For consistency of the experiment, induction hardening was started at the same ...<<more>>

Ef of on Oxidation of Molten Steel -

Theoxidation experiment of nonkilled molten steel was carried out to compare with that of aluminum-killed molten steel. stirred state, a high-frequency vacuuminduction melt-ing furnace (50kW, 2.7kHz) obtained in the rapid quenching experiments are shown in Fig. l, and the EPMAIine analysis results of surface oxides are shownin Fig. 2....<<more>>

Decarburization - Vacuum Furnace Engineering

If a decarburized specimen is induction hardened, the heating rate to the austenitization temperature is extremely fast. To put all of the carbon in solution (assuming that the steel has a carbon content of 0.6-0.65 %), it is heated to ~1700-1750°F....<<more>>

fast vacuum quenching furnace with rotary vane vacuum pump

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intelligent temperature control 120kw vacuum annealing

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Caution experimental furnace vacuum experiment of-The best

The heating temperature vacuum annealing, vacuum annealing, vacuum and vacuum aging solution treatment temperature is generally the same as conventional treatment and heating. 7. Hardening of the workpiece in a vacuum, you should use a vacuum quenching oil, this oil has a lower saturation vapor pressure....<<more>>

High Temperature Box Experimental Energy Saving Furnace

High Temperature Box Experimental Energy Saving Furnace. It is widely used for high temperature sintering of high purity glass, sintering and roasting ceramics, magnetic materials and electronic components....<<more>>

vacuum gas hardening vacuum hardening furnace

treatment furnace, quenching, hardening, tempering, annealing with gas chargingVacuum Hardening and TemperingHardening is a typical heat treatment process...