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The wax is used directly after burning; Quality metal spoon: the silver colored melting spoon is made of stainless steel, which is sturdy, durable and easy to clean, it also has a capacity of 2.5 ml enough for holding wax bead; Furnace is made of wood and metal....<<more>>

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Induction furnaces are an advanced version of the Electric furnaces. These furnaces have the ability to melt large amount metals without any trouble. This furnace save melting time compare to a traditional furnace....<<more>>

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Microwave Furnace Kits Refectory kilns for melting and processing gold or silver right in a standard 1200 watt microwave. Easy to use and excellent for refining black sands and ore concentrates....<<more>>

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VEVOR 3KG Gold Melting Furnace 2102°F Digital Melting Furnace Machine Heating Capacity 2100W Casting Refining Precious Metals Gold Silver Tin Aluminum (3KG) Max.Heating temp.:1150℃ Read more 1 KG Kilo MF Series Furnace Graphite Crucible Melting Gold Silver Copper Hardin...<<more>>

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This document describes how to build a furnace for melting metals like copper, silver, gold, etc. As a metal container a primarily used for metal melting and heat treatment until 1200 o C and based upon resistance heating....<<more>>

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Electric melting furnace for melting gold, silver and other nonferrous alloys for casting, ingot or shot making. Graphite crucible has a capacity of 1kg pure gold. Groove in crucible lip makes it easy to remove crucible from melter with special tongs (included)....<<more>>

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Manufacturer of Melting Furnaces - Silver Melting Furnace 5Kg Capacity, Gold Melting Furnace 5 KG Capacity, Induction Furnace and Gold Melting Furnaces offered by Bharat Machine Tools, Rajkot, Gujarat Silver Melting Furnace 5Kg Capacity. Ask For Price. Additional Information: Item Code: GMF5 silver casting Process or metal moulding ...<<more>>

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Whether melting metal or nonmetal, DC arc furnace can save more than 20% energy than AC furnace, because melting material will be turned up from bottom following electric current just like mixing, so the melting speed will be higher....<<more>>

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Melting & Furnaces Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include jewellery electric furnace, jewellery tong for without collet crucible, jewellery tool biscuit ingot mold, jewelry equipment morgan crucible, jewelry tools reversible ingot molds and jewellers tools centrifugal furnace crucible....<<more>>

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This high temperature, fast melting furnace is designed with a powerful DFP burner to heat up to 2300°F. It efficiently melts gold, silver, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, and other metals!...<<more>>

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4 kg silver and gold melting furnace max. 4 kg gold and silver melting furnace max. electric melting furnace for gold and silver. Silver melting furnace for sale Very good condition Cleaned and sanitized....<<more>>

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4 KG Clay Graphite Foundry Crucible Melting Furnace Refining Gold Silver Copper Graphite crucible can be used in the processing of graphite, graphite crucible, graphite casting crucible tank,pull rods, mold and other graphite products....<<more>>

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Melting Furnaces: 1 kg - 2 kg - 3 kg - 4 kg Economically melt your Gold, Silver and non ferrous metals for casting and ingot-pouring applications Melting capacity available 1kg, 2kg, 3kg & 4kg...<<more>>

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typical metal melting furnaces range in thermal efficiency the molten metal. An electric immersion holding furnace is shown in Figure 2. less efficient than channel induction furnaces, but the melt capacity per unit floor area is much higher. Core-...<<more>>

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The rapid melting schedules and capacity to melt grey iron make it mandatory that we use the best refractory material available to insure long life of the furnace lining. Super-duty high alumina can withstand the drastic temperature changes due to rapid heating and can operate at temperatures in excess of 3000° F without spalling or deterioration....<<more>>

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Made with the highest standards, the Electric Melting Furnaces are built with a solid steel construction as well as the finest components. Many years of experience combined with continuous technological updates and a constant search for innovative materials, places it in a quality level of excellence recognized worldwide....<<more>>

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The Silver Melting Furnace that we offer is Electric/Oil/Gas Fired with automatic and semi-automatic burners for Silver Melting applications ranging from 2 KW more.. Heating Tools And Systems Chomu, Rajasthan, India...<<more>>

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Electric induction Melting Gold Furnace is priamry used to melt gold,silver,platinum and precious metals,etc.-DaWei Induction Furnace Manufacturer Melting Capacity: 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 6kg Warranty: 1 year. Description. 1 MM-F Series is advanced melting equipment for gold, silver, copper and other non ferrous metal melting 2 Apply IGBT...