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Furnaces are used to heat objects inside to extremely high temperatures. Furnaces are used to melt iron ore and produce pig iron, make steel and forge metal items....<<more>>

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Of course, installation will vary widely depending on your heating and cooling system, but the third-gen Nest Learning Thermostat is by far the easiest model I've ever installed....<<more>>

2018 New Furnace Installation Cost | Furnace Replacement

The prices listed for the furnaces below represent prices for an average house with average needs, which is an 80,000 BTU furnace with a 3-Ton blower that is installed in a first floor utility room of a 1600-2000 square foot house....<<more>>

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Find a system that qualifies for local rebates today. Contact a dealer through our dealer locator for your gas furnace today....<<more>>

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Gas Furnace Prices - Top Brands Different brands and models have different features, and your home may need more or less heating capacity than is offered by some. Below are some of the top brands and their approximate costs, including installation....<<more>>

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For example, a $1,200 furnace could be a cheap, single-stage 80% furnace with 120,000 Btu capacity, or it could be a quality, two-stage 90% furnace with 60,000 Btu heating. There are four factors that affect the price of the furnace you choose, and all are important to consider in determining the best furnace for your purposes:...<<more>>

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My prices range between $2900-$4600 furnace only, and add AC for $3600-$5400. I used to be one of those craigslist guys but I just could not compete with all of the lowballers. I offer a superior product with services that outpace their cost....<<more>>

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Compare 2018 Oil Furnace Prices, Repair & Installation Cost. Oil furnaces have been heating homes throughout the USA just as long or longer than any other type of forced air furnace. In some areas of the Country, home heating oil is much more common that natural gas, making oil furnaces more popular than gas furnaces for nothing more than the...