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Vacuum Furnace - Semco Carbon Graphite Machining

A vacuum furnace is a type of furnace that can heat materials to very high temperatures. The function is to carry out processes such as heat treatment, sintering or brazing. The area where the heat is produced is called a hot zone....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Hot Zones – Part Two: Graphite-Lined Systems

Graphite board (Fig. 6) is similar to graphite felt, except it is infused with carbon binders under compression and heated to form a rigid structure, in a process referred to as carbonizing and graphitizing....<<more>>

Carbon & Graphite Insulation Board - CeraMaterials

Ceramaterials provide carbon & graphite rigid insulation in PAN rigidized felt and Rayon sliced foam for vacuum furnace insulation. Standard sizes and custom shapes can be made to order....<<more>>

Industrial Application - Carbon and Graphite

?Low specific heat: Graphite felt permits rapid heating and cooling of the furnace. ?High thermal stability: The felt is stable in oxidizing atmospheres up to 400°C, in vacuum up to about 2500°C and under inert atmospheres up to 3000°C....<<more>>

Carbon Felt & Graphite Felt - hpmsgraphite

Carbon felt and graphite felt are designed for use as high temperature insulation in vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces. The needle-punched PAN based carbon and...<<more>>

Rayon Based Rigid Graphite Board Used in - Carbon Fiber Felt

Rigid Graphite Rayon Based Felt Board Used in Vacuum Ceramic Sintering Furnace . Description . 1. Our rigid graphite felt board is rayon based. 2. The plate is made out of high quality carbon fiber....<<more>>

Carbon and Graphite Felt | Morgan Specialty Graphite

High temperature vacuum furnace applications such as nitriding, carburizing and heat treating of components Our felt materials are processed to high temperatures ensuring a more stable product in extreme conditions and a higher purity while maintaining low thermal conductivity at high temperatures....<<more>>

Soft Insulation - Graphite Felt | Mersen Graphite

Carbon felt and Graphite felt choices Graphite felt is a rayon based material that is an ideal choice for vacuum furnaces or process temperatures above 2000° C. Graphite felt can be purified to less than 20 ppm total ash content....<<more>>

Carbon & Graphite Felt - Americarb

Felt is generally used as thermal insulation for inert and vacuum furnaces. Americarb can fabricate specialty items from graphite felt for your furnace applications that can withstand temperatures of over 2,400°C....<<more>>

THERMAL ENGINEERING Composite Carbon,Graphite Felt,Integral

Home / About: About Beijing Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of Carbon Soft Felt, Graphite Soft Felt, Graphite Rigid Felt, Rigid Composite Felt, Vanadium Redox Flow Battery With Graphite Felt etc. Our products are widely used in high temperature vacuum furnaces (Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Evaporation Furnace, Electric Resistance Furnace, Induction Furnace ...<<more>>

Rayon Carbon / Graphite Felt - CGT Carbon

Rayon Carbon / Graphite Felt Our soft Rayon Carbon Felts and Graphite Felts is a high quality insulation for vacuum and inert gas furnaces where the max. temperature can be up to 3000°C or 5432°F. Rayon Graphite Felt is the ideal choice for vacuum furnaces or process temperatures above 2000°C or 3992°F due to its low shrinkage and ...<<more>>

Graphene vacuum furnace-The best lab furnace manufacturer

Description: PT-V1700 Graphene vacuum furnace is widely used for heating treatment of metal materials in low vacuum, recursive, protective atmosphere, also can be used for heating treatment of special materials, such as carbonization process of carbon products. The furnace chamber is graphite felt with excellent thermal insulation function ...<<more>>

Graphite felt for vacuum furnace of Graphite felt from China

We supply two kinds of carbon and graphite felt, it's material is PAN fiber and RAYON fiber. PAN fiber material widely applied to verity vacuum furnace, induction furnace, Sintering furnace....<<more>>

CM001007 - PAN Carbon Felt, furnace insulator

PAN carbon felt is an excellent and econimical furnace insulator to 1400° C in inert and vacuum atmosphere; recommended for lower temperature applications where chemical purity is not as critical. , PAN Carbon Felt, 0.25TH x 48W x 80ftL, Carbon Felt...<<more>>

Carbon Felt - Wealson Sealing & Thermal Solutions

Carbon felt and graphite felt are designed for use as high temperature insulation in vacuum furnaces and inert gas furnaces. The needle-punched PAN based carbon and graphite felt is light in weight and has low thermal conductivity....<<more>>

A Curious Case of Part Contamination in a Vacuum Furnace

The vacuum furnaces in question have graphite heating elements, a combination ceramic fiber/felt insulation pack with a molybdenum hot face and stainless steel cold face and a graphite hearth. The quartz tubes themselves are placed onto graphite fixtures (racks)....