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Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace - Vacuum Furnaces

Usage:Mainly used in the vacuum smelting and ingot casting of titanium, zirconium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, molybdenum and other precious metals and high temperature precision alloy, special steel....<<more>>

Melting and Refining Technology of High-Temperature Steels

The air induction furnace, sometimes modified for vacuum treatment capability, has found limited use for melting high temperature steels and some superallovs....<<more>>

Vacuum Metallurgy and Vacuum Induction Melting - SECO/WARWICK

Vacuum Metallurgy. Vacuum metallurgical equipment is manufactured in our facilities in the United States, Poland and China, which are the regions with the highest demand for high-melting and foundry technologies....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace (VIM) Manufacturer | Therelek

Description. Therelek’s Vacuum Induction Melting furnace (VIM) is used in secondary refining or metallurgy, to refine alloys in fluid state and adjust chemical composition and temperature....<<more>>

Vacuum induction melting - Wikipedia

Vacuum induction melting uses currents within a vacuum to melt metal. VIM involves placing a core-less induction furnace into a vacuum chamber. [5] The heat used to start the melting process comes from an induced current called an eddy current....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces - consarc

Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) is the melting of metal via electromagnetic induction under vacuum. An induction furnace containing a refractory lined crucible surrounded by an induction coil is located inside...<<more>>

Retech Systems LLC | Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM)

Over 40 years, Retech Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM) furnace equipment has proven to consistently deliver value and competitive advantage for our customers through a combination of system innovation and a focus on each customer’s specific needs....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace - SIMUWU Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace. Vacuum induction melting furnace(VIM) utilizes electric currents to melt metal within a vacuum. It is to induce a current within a conductor by changing the magnetic field is through electromagnetic induction and melt the metals....<<more>>

Laboratory Glass Melting Furnace 1600.C-Induction heater

Laboratory Glass Melting Furnace ==Usage== 1600.C 1700.C Laboratory Glass Melting Furnace is Widely used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials, development of new materials, specialty materials, building materials and other fields of production and experimental....<<more>>

Induction Melting Furnaces

Hand-Held. Designed for melting small quantities of precious metals. Furnace can be used for high frequency or low frequency applications. Furnace is designed for being able to pour while still under power to prevent "freezing" of metal in the crucible....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting and Casting Furnace - ALD

Vacuum Induction Melting and Casting Furnaces for Charge Weights from 1 to 30 tons In 1928 the first industrial scale vacuum induction melting and casting furnace was engineered and manufactured by ALD’s parent company and then commissioned in Hanau, Germany near today’s ALD headquarters....<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Melting/Chill Casting Furnaces | Ames Laboratory

10 lbs. Vacuum Induction Melting/Chill Casting Furnace. 75 lbs. Vacuum Induction Melting/Chill Casting Furnace...<<more>>

Vacuum Melting Furnace Wholesale, Melting Furnace - Alibaba

Laboratory Electric Heat Treatment Vacuum Atmosphere Crucible Melting Furnace Vacuum Atmosphere Crucible Furnace Specification 1.High quality heating element 2.Stainless steel vacuum flange with one two ball valves and vacuum gauge is included for immediate use....<<more>>

Lab Vacuum Furnace - SIMUWU Vacuum Furnace

Lab Vacuum Furnace Laborotary vacuum furnace mainly used for universities and reasearch institues. The small size vacuum furnace is more economic and simple to simulate the process of heat treatment, sintering, brazing etc....