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Hot Isostatic Pressing Machine - vacfurnace

Reasonable temperature and pressure can better control the growth of the grain and the identity of structure and performance, make the hot isostatic pressing machine superior performance of processed parts....<<more>>

Use of Graphite Composites in Hardening and Sintering

Manufacturers of heat treating and brazing vacuum furnaces and controls, complete hot zone and vacuum furnace retrofits, thermal spray coatings, plasma, HVOF and paint coating services....<<more>>

Hot Press Furnace System - High Temperature Furnace

Hot Press (HP) systems are designed for precise application of hydraulic pressing force at high temperature to create high pressure at the part or material being processed. Applications for hot press systems are densification or sintering of powdered metals and ceramics, or in diffusion bonding applications for joining solid components....<<more>>

Hot Isostatic Pressing Equipment - Hot Isostatic Pressing

The control system for a hot isostatic pressing unit is the subsystem that links the vessel/furnace, gas handling, and auxiliaries into a functioning research or production tool. Computer control ensures repeatability of these parameters to maintain consistency of operation....<<more>>

pressure sintering furnace/S-HIP/HIP/hot isostatic

Pressure Sintering Furnace/S-HIP/HIP/hot isostatic pressing/Sintering-HIP. This series of furnace has the functions of dewaxing, vacuum sintering, pressure sintering and quenching in one furnace....<<more>>

Hot isostatic pressing of ultrafine tungsten carbide

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) has been successfully used to consolidate tungsten carbide- 10 weight% cobalt (WC-10 wt% Co) powders mixtures with WC powder particle sizes in the range of 100 nanometers....<<more>>

hot isostatic press sintering furnace HIP furnace

Vacuum-pressure (Sinter-HIP) COD type furnaces combine the processes dewaxing, vacuum-sintering and isostatic pressing under protective gas in one system. Essentially for the product quality is a good temperature homogeneity in the hot zone under vacuum and pressure....<<more>>

High Performance Parts Using by Hot Isostatic Pressing Process

Hot Isostatic Pressing Process 1. Introduction Since the hot isostatic press (HIP) was invented by Battelle Insti-tute, USA, in 19551), HIP has been used in diverse fields - to elimi- a vacuum. In the HIP furnace, a high temperature and inert gas under...<<more>>

Lab Cold Isostatic Press 20Ton Manual [CIT-CIP-T20M

Lab Cold Isostatic Press 20Ton Manual [CIT-CIP-T20M] - A compact cold isostatic pressing machine, designed for laboratory applications. Easy to use and maintain, ideal for powder pressing. Atmosphere-Controlled Furnaces. Vacuum Box Furnace 1400 ℃ Hi-Temp Sintering. High Vacuum Furnace; Hot Pressing Furnaces 2000℃ ...<<more>>

Uniaxial Hot Press Furnace Systems, from 5 to - OXY-GON

Our Oxy-Gon Hot Press Furnace is designed to give you years of reliable service with all of the features that make your job easier, like stainless steel construction, easy temperature control, and available recorders and data logging devices....<<more>>

V?DEOLAR - Hasmak Temsilciliklerimiz.

High-temperature Vacuum Sintering Furnaces. Quintus Technologies. Fluid Cell Press – Rectangular Tray. FCT Systeme. Fluid Cell Press – Circular Tray. Spark Plasma Sintering Furnaces (FAST) Deep Draw Hydroforming Press. Special Furnaces. Fluid Cell Press – Circular Tray. Hot Isostatic Press. CEC Consolidated Engineering. CEC ...<<more>>

Powder Metal Sintering | Linde Gas

Powder metal sintering requires specific gas atmospheres in order to assist de-lubrication and to avoid decarburisation. In addition to supplying the required gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon monoxide, we offer leading technologies to control the carbon potential and the uniformity of the sintered parts....<<more>>

VTU e notes MPIII 16 - IDC-Online

Hot Isostatic Pressing In Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) a metal powder is stressed using inert gas in a metal Sintering Sintering is a process wherein the compressed metal powder is heated in a controlled atmosphere using a furnace. The temperature of the furnace will be slightly below melting point of the metal powder but above the RCT....<<more>>

Microwave High Vacuum Furnace CIT-MWLab-HV3000 with Vacuum

Home / Hi-Temp Sintering / Microwave Sintering Furnaces / Microwave High Vacuum Furnace CIT-MWLab-HV3000 with Vacuum Syste Microwave High Vacuum Furnace CIT-MWLab-HV3000 with Vacuum Syste Price :...<<more>>

Spark Plasma Sintering - Ceramic Industry

The spark plasma sintering process offers significant improvements over conventional hot press and hot isostatic press sintering. Spark plasma sintering (SPS) is a high-speed powder consolidation/sintering technology capable of processing conductive and nonconductive materials....<<more>>

Sintering - Wikipedia

Control of temperature is very important to the sintering process, since grain-boundary diffusion and volume diffusion rely heavily upon temperature, the size and distribution of particles of the material, the materials composition, and often the sintering environment to be controlled....<<more>>

Sintering-Technical glossary-Bodycote Plc

In addition to bonding, sintering decreases the pore volume and leads to rounding of pores and the formation of grain boundaries where particles are in contact. Hot isostatic pressing Powdermet? technologies Powdermet? – Near net shape (NNS) Powdermet? Selective surface net shape (SSNS) Isostatic pressing services Casting ...<<more>>

Furnace atmospheres no. 6. Sintering of steels.

use and control of furnace atmospheres; however a 5.5 Vacuum sintering 48 5.6 Atmosphere analysis 50 5.7 Advanced atmosphere control 52 6. Safety 54 6.1 Safety awareness 54 medium in hot isostatic pressing (HIP), and heat treatment and surface hardening of sintered parts....<<more>>

Sintered Metals | Aluminum Sintering | BTU

Sintered Metals – Aluminum Sintering Sintering is the process of forming a solid mass of material with pressure and heat without melting. The pressure and heat can be applied at the same time ( through Hot Isostatic Pressing, or HIP) or in multiple steps....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces, Brazing Furnaces, Annealing Furnaces

METALLURGICAL PROCESSES. Sintering Furnaces Brazing Furnaces Continuous Belt Furnaces Vacuum Sintering Furnaces. Continuous Vacuum Furnaces. cold/hot isostatic pressing, liquid phase sintering, and metal injection molding. Source: Daniel H. Herring, "The Heat Treat Doctor." The HERRING GROUP, Inc....