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Vacuum furnace-The best lab furnace manufacturer

We are lab vacuum furnace manufacturer in China.we have many kinds of lab vacuum furnace for you to get....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnaces for Heat Treatment | ECM Technologies

ECM Technologies offers a range of equipment (vacuum furnaces) for the vacuum heat treatment of metals, alloys and other materials while vacuum brazing at the same time. The myriad of processes requires the implementation of optimized technologies for each application....<<more>>

vacuum furnace manufacturers,vacuum furnace - SIMUWU

VACUUM FURNACE. SIMUWU VACUUM FURNACE, The company specialized in industrial vacuum furnaces manufacturing. The company was founded by few experienced engineers who were working in heat treatment process and vacuum furnace manufacturing industry for 20 years....<<more>>

Laboratory Vacuum Sintering Furnace / Shimadzu Industrial

Vacuum Heat-Treatment Furnaces Compact Ideal for laboratory use, furnace is easily installed in a small space and provides same basic performance and functionality of a production model....<<more>>

Laboratory Furnaces - Materials Research Furnaces, Inc.

Our Laboratory Furnaces are capable of temperatures up to 3000C and can be customized for a large array of applications, making them ideal R&D tools....<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace - Laboratory Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Vacuum Furnaces and brazing furnaces by Bionics Scientific are engineered for high temperature laboratory and industrial heat treatment applications including sintering, brazing, stress-relieving and annealing etc....<<more>>

Laboratory Muffle Furnace Heat Treatment Tube Furnace

Muffle Furnace, CVD tube furnace, heat treatment tube furnace,electric lab furnace, electric kiln,lab sintering tube furnace,laboratory sintering oven...<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Manufacturers Vacuum Furnace Suppliers India

WEIBER vacuum resistance furnace is widely used in the heat treatment of metallic material in coarse vacuum, in reducibility or protective atmosphere. It Can also be used for special heat treatment of materials such as carbon products in the development process of carbonation....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Furnace, Heat Treatment Furnace - Alibaba

Vacuum carburizing furnace / nitrogen vacuum heat treatment furnace PT-V series super vacuum furnace is a type of furnace that can heat materials,typically metals,to very high temperature and carry out processes such as brazing,sintering,and heat treatment with high consistency and low contamination. , Ltd is one professional supplier of high ...<<more>>

ULVAC - vacuum heat treatment furnace

Vertical Vacuum Heat Treatment. FHV series are used for various purposes such as quenching, tempering and brazing of various metals. Vertical two-chamber configuration which consists of heating/preparation/cooling chambers design contributes to space saving by adopting elevation mechanism....<<more>>

ULVAC - Batch vacuum furnace

Batch Heat Treatment Technology. Batch type vacuum furnace applicable to a wide range of vacuum heat treatments such as quenching, annealing, tempering, sintering, brazing etc for various metal parts....<<more>>

PRODUCT - Heat treatment furnace & Vacuum furnace

Vacuum applications include vacuum annealing, vacuum brazing, vacuum hardening, vacuum stress relieving and vacuum tempering. Induction melting applications like aluminium melting, coppper melting, steel melting, gold melting, silver melting, iron melting and other metals melting....<<more>>

Custom High-Temperature Lab Ovens and Furnaces

A good custom lab furnace is easy to operate and use by all your laboratory workers. Features of Sentro Tech’s Lab Furnaces We create our Sentro Tech laboratory furnaces with your laboratory team in mind....