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Dryer buying guide - CNET

Chris Monroe/CNET Choosing the right type of dryer. There are several factors to take into consideration while shopping for a new dryer.If yours doesn't and you decide to buy a gas dryer, you...<<more>>

The Return of The Time Keeper! - RPG

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Graphite crucibles - manufacturer-CFCCARBON LTD

Refining uranium salt Graphite crucible: This kind of graphite crucible is large size graphite crucibles, usually used are Ф400mm × 700mm, Ф500mm × 800mm. Its manufacturing technology is the selection of high-quality low-ash petroleum coke by the crushing, milling, ingredients, kneading, extrusion molding (or molding), roasting, multiple...<<more>>

GRAPHITE CRUCIBLE - graphite rod/graphite block/carbon

Graphite Crucible-3101009 > graphite crucible A crucible is a container used to hold metal for melting in a furnace and it is needed to withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in melting metals....<<more>>

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CM Carbon manufactures Graphite Crucibles for Alumina Evaporation, Silver Evaporation to make Alumina foil and Silver foils. Graphite Crucibles for metal melting.Quality, Performance and Life Time are well beyond that of our peers...