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sintering furnace - vacfurnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is for metal compounds, ceramics, inorganic compounds in a vacuum or protective atmosphere sintering products can also be used for metal materials, heat treatment....<<more>>

Induction sintering - vacfurnace

The advantages of vacuum induction sintering is to help reduce harmful substances in the atmosphere under vacuum conditions (water vapor, oxygen, nitrogen and other impurities), avoid decarburization, nitriding, carburizing, reduction, oxidation and a series of reaction....<<more>>

Vacuum Sintering Furnace, Vacuum Brazing Furnace, Vacuum Heat

Hot air circulation drying ove. Vacuum Induction Sintering Fur. This type of furnace is widely used in metallurgy departments and scientific research depa...<<more>>

Ruideer Vacuum Sintering Furnace - Heat Treatment Equipment

Ruideer is the professional supplier of industrial heat treatment equipment, covering powder metallurgy equipment, sintering furnace, smelting equipment and ceramic equipment, etc....<<more>>

zirconia sintering furnace-The best lab furnace manufacturer

Vacuum furnace. Mainly used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors pressing granular raw materials into tablets or granules...<<more>>

Sintering furnace PDS - Carbolite Gero

The clear advantage of the PDS is the possibility to perform debinding and sintering in a single furnace. Careful design of the vacuum and gas flow guidance system allows the PDS to provide a single solution for the application....<<more>>

Sintering Furnaces - CM Furnaces Inc

Sintering Furnaces by CM Furnace. High-temperature sintering furnaces are used in a number of processes and industries. CM Furnaces provides both production furnaces and batch furnaces that accomodate a wide variety of processes, temperatures, and atmosphere’s....<<more>>

Sintering : Vacuum Sintering Furnaces | ECM Technologies

The second part of the furnace is dedicated to the sintering process, which is conducted in between 1120°C and 1135°C. This process can take 10 to 30 minutes. The last part of the furnace is dedicated to cooling....<<more>>

Sintering Furnace - Vacuum Kiln – The Virtual Foundry

This sintering furnace is suitable for all materials created by The Virtual Foundry. The furnace is delivered as a package and includes: Pre-programmed controller...<<more>>

High Temperature Induction Sintering Furnace | Lizi

The high temperature induction sintering furnace comes with the property of 2500°C maximal temperature. This metal powder sintering furnace is highly recommended for high temperature alloy materials and ceramics, molybdenum and tungsten in particular, as well as heat treatment for carbon materials....<<more>>

Vacuum Debinding & Sintering Furnace

Vacuum Debinding & Sintering Furnace Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces Vacuum Brazing Furnace Vacuum Induction Melting Furnaces Lab Vacuum Furnaces Vacuum Graphitizing Furnace And Carbonization Furnace Vacuum Hydrogen Furnace Vacuum Diffusion Brazing Furnace Vacuum Gas Quenching Furnace Vacuum Tempering Furnace Vacuum Annealing Furnace Vacuum Oil ...<<more>>

Vacuum Induction Sintering Furnace - syhjzk

RHIS induction sintering furnace is a use of medium frequency induction heating sintering equipment. Applicable to copper tungsten alloy, aluminum nickel cobalt permanent magnet, NdFeB, carbon fiber graphitization, carbon and carbon composites, silicon carbide products, tungsten and molybdenum and other alloy materials vacuum or atmosphere high temperature sintering....<<more>>

Sintering furnaces, kilns, reactors - TevTech LLC

Sintering Furnaces Our custom designed sintering furnaces provide efficient processing of materials in controlled atmospheres for ceramic and metal sintering, heat treatment and brazing. We have provided revolutionary designs in both metal and graphite hot zones....<<more>>

Sintering Furnace - Equipment - Furnaces Ovens & Baths Inc.

Furnace has a 3' long load table followed by a 5' long entry vestibule prior to entering the high heat zones. Product exits the high heat into a 12" transition, 60" long "Varicool" convective cooling to accelerate cooling, Total of 16' long water cooling, atmosphere curtain box with burn-off followed by an 8' long discharge table....<<more>>

2400 C Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Thsi high temperature 2400 degree C vacuum sintering furnace can be used for sintering body armor, sintering Humvee armor, sintering tank armor, and other high temperature happlications....