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Find Refractory Lining Material related suppliers, manufacturers, products and specifications on GlobalSpec - a trusted source of Refractory Lining Material information. furnace lining repair and patching, and fireplace Browse Datasheets for Mid-Mountain Materials, Inc. The Materials Used to Make Heat Resistant Fabric Heat resistant ...<<more>>

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The alternate option was hot-gunning a temporary patch – making the repairs while the furnace was still running at a hot temperature. We use special nozzles that introduce water at the end of the nozzle to perform this type of work....<<more>>

Current Refractory Technology and Practices in the Steel

Current Refractory Technology and Practices in the Steel Industry April 26, 2017 Shotcrete repair done every 50-100,000 tons hot metal Iron Transfer Ladle ? Selection of refractory lining materials and designs are critical for safe, stable, energy...<<more>>

STEEL TEEMING LADLE: Ladle Metallurgical Treatment

Metallurgical Tasks – Automotive Industry the 50th the 80th Now Material Properties 8 | 24 to 27. April 2016, Cologne, Refractory Technology Part II, Aggregates for Secondary Steel Making 10 | 24 to 27. April 2016, Cologne, Refractory Technology Part II, ...<<more>>


The material without alternative IRON AND STEEL Coking plants, blast furnaces, steelshops, direct life of the furnace are our targets IRON AND STEEL / Sector info.industry@dominion-global Demolition and Salamander Blasting, Intermediate Hearth Repair, Hot Repair Taphole, Shotcrete, Robot Gunning, Carbon Bottom robotic Grinding. Own ...<<more>>

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ASMAS, a Turkish company specialized in the manufacture of high quality tundish magnesite based refractories and electric arc furnace hot repair gunning mix for steel making industry.One of their specialty products, Ferrogun Hot Patching material are being used successfully in most of our Malaysian Steel Mills....<<more>>

STEEL INDUSTRY HOT METAL TRANSFER or e o Hot Metal La MATERIALS PREPARATION ver 100 tons of material were used to repair the lining in the stack- cooling plate area of this blast repair of the lining by a gunning program extends its life significantly. he new gunned lining in this 105, long stress re-lieving furnace is expected to give ...<<more>>

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Since the gunned repair material is dense and fused directly on the hot surface excellent results on life of lining is obtained in LD converter. Future issues of Refractory technology 1. Durability of refractory for pairing nozzles and side dams determines the success of strip casting....<<more>>

Product Application Sheet Fiberfrax Silplate Mass 1500

? Hot gunning over an existing furnace lining to replace requirements of the steel industry. The uses of high-performance fibers, refractory oxides and proprietary Product Application Sheet Fiberfrax? Silplate? Mass 1500 High-Temperature Coating Distributed by Thermal Products Company, Inc....<<more>>

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A high alumina hot or cold gunning mix used successfully in the gunning of electric furnace roofs, spouts, steel ladles, and other applications where a speedy repair and a high alumina material are required to maintain continuous operation....<<more>>

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TRL Krosaki serves the following steel making equipment with its value added products and services Induction Furnace TRL Krosaki backed by its captive mines and world-class raw material sources, leads the industry with traditional and innovative products....<<more>>

(PDF) Higher wear resistance in the Blast Furnace Shaft

Presently there exist diverse methods to repair and extend the lifetime of the refractory lining of a blast furnace shaft, traditional methods such as brick lining and monolithic castables present ...<<more>>

Higher Blast Furnace Shaft campaign using Wet gunning

1 Introduction The lifetime of the refractory lining in the shaft of the blast furnaces has become one of the key parameters to maximize the productivity of an integrated steel mill....<<more>>


A furnace is an equipment used to melt metals for casting or to heat materials to change their shape (e.g. rolling, forging) or properties (heat treatment). Since flue gases from the fuel come in direct contact with the materials, the type of fuel chosen is...<<more>>

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Gunite Refractory Installations by Ted W. Sofis R efractory gunning, like any other gunite/ material migrates away from the hot face toward the steel shell, and when it reaches the steel, the steam andoperator servicing the steel industry began managing Sofis Company in 1984. Over the years,...<<more>>

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Refractory Gunning Machine. The machine contains standard accessories like hose pipe with end connection, hot gunning nozzle, nozzle body, remote control system, Vibrating Silo, water ring & Pop-up valve ring....<<more>>

Hot repair gun refractory mix for a lining refractory

EXAMPLE 1. In a basic oxygen furnace having the capacity of 250 tons, the test of the gunning material which was the covered and granulated materials A, E, F and G is shown in Table 2....<<more>>

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particula rly steel industry. The main objective is to increase the lining life at reduced cost by developing By gunning, i.e. maintenance of pre - worn areas with special gunning mixtures, vessel lining life can be extended. Since the gunned repair material is dense and fused directly on the hot surface excellent results on life...<<more>>

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The use of grouting method to repair the blast furnace backing can effectively prevent the erosion of the hot air flow, thereby extending the life of blast furnace lining. Refractory for converter: Where can I learn about the basic properties of refractory material for steel making?...<<more>>

Turkish version of ITC 100 or Satanite for Forge Lining

Fireclay based chemically bonded gunning material recommended for hot or cold durt surfaces. Typical Applications: STEEL-Soaking pit walls, coping, cover and flues, reheating furnace sidewalls, arches, uptakes, noses, open-heart fentails, wing walls, checker chambers....<<more>>

Russia: Magnitogorsk – MMK – Hot blast stove #29 gunning

Seven Refractories and its daughter company Refracon Installations completed the repair of hot blast stove in MMK from September, 25th to 28th. Specialists of both companies led and supervised the installation of 40 tons of Seven Gun 82 NX in the burning chamber/burning duct of hot blast stove n29 – blast furnace 9....