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Low vacuum brazing furnace. It is widely used for aluminum plate fin heat exchanger, excavator radiator, leveler radiator, automobile radiator, automobile air conditioner evaporator, condenser, radar plate antenna and waveguide tube....<<more>>

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Copper waveguide vacuum brazing furnace . Detail. Low Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Tools Indust . Vacuum Brazing Furnace With Metal Screen Big Wind Motor . Detail. High Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Aluminum Plate-fin Heat . Detail....<<more>>

Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnaces (VAB

Vacuum Aluminium Brazing (VAB) is utilized to perform fluxless brazing of aluminum components in a high vacuum environment. The process demands tight control of temperature uniformity together with low vacuum leak rates and high repeatability....<<more>>

Vacuum Heat Treatment (VHT) and Brazing Furnaces

Vacuum heat treatment is a well established practice in the aerospace, land base Induction Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces As an alternative to resistance heating Consarc offers a wide range of high temp...<<more>>

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Vacuum brazing furance. Vacuum aluminum brazing furnace is mainly suitable for auto radiator, air conditioning evaporator, condenser, cold, radar antenna, grid waveguide and a variety of plate become warped type or vacuum welding tube type heat exchanger....<<more>>

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Vacuum heat treatment is a well established practice in the aerospace, land base Induction Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnaces As an alternative to resistance heating Consarc offers a wide range of high temp...<<more>>

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During vacuum brazing, the parts are placed in a vacuum furnace, which provides the required heat and at the same time removes the need for flux and the risk of oxidization during the process. Therefore the components will be clean and bright after brazing....<<more>>

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Vacuum Heat Treatment (VHT) and Brazing Furnaces. Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnaces (VAR) Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnaces (VAB) ElectroSlag Remelting Furnaces (ESR) High Speed Flying Shears. Flying Saws. Inductoforge. Modular Billet Heating Systems. Offline Pipe & Tube Coating Systems. Pipe Bending & Forming Systems....<<more>>

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Join metals while keeping the assembly bright and clean with Fluxless vacuum brazing services from Solar Atmospheres using state of the art vacuum furnaces....<<more>>

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A controlled atmosphere is a gaseous mixture contained in an enclosed space, usually a brazing furnace. The atmosphere (such as hydrogen, nitrogen or dissociated ammonia) completely envelops the assemblies and, by excluding oxygen, prevents oxidation....<<more>>

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High Tempreture Brazing Furnace A High Tempreture brzaing furnace is essential for heat exchanger production and different furnace or automatic brazing machine could be employed for production of different heat exchangers.A SS/aluminium vacuum brazing furnace with vertical type or horizontal type, is normally used in case of short .....<<more>>

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As an alternative to resistance heating Consarc offers a wide range of high temperature Induction heated vacuum furnaces. Induction heating is a very robust configuration and is normally preferred for the highest temperature applications up to 2500C or in certain arduous process environments e.g CVD / CVI....<<more>>

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Ondarlan en su afan por mejorar servicio ha ampliado sus instalaciones y se ha trasladado a una nueva ubicación con mas de 3000m2. " Nuestra nueva direccion es: Poligono Txirrita-Maleo 10 20100 Renteria Guipuzcoa"...<<more>>


elements of ultra-high vacuum units in electronic instrumentation and high vacuum engineering are developed. As the base of a solder and the material of a deformable gasket aluminium is...<<more>>

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The vacuum furnaces offer means involving grouping of high temperature, high vacuum, process containment, fast and frequent temperature changes, gas or pressure changes. Vacuum furnaces are perfect for bright annealing, aging, case hardening, degassing, vacuum coating, brazing, sintering....<<more>>

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The Brazing Guide GH Induction Atmospheres. info@gh-ia. inductionatmospheres. and vacuum environments. individual part can be provided with thermocouples, IR thermometers or visual temperature sensors. Induction furnaces are also available for high-volume brazing....<<more>>

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Brazing in a high vacuum environment provides the most process control and produces the cleanest parts, free of any oxidation or scaling. It is the preferred brazing environment for brazing aerospace components, hardening medical devices and other applications that require the absolute highest part quality....<<more>>

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Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies designs and offer a wide range of advanced vacuum furnace, Vacuum Heat Treatment and best suppliers of vacuum furnace. What is Vacuum Furnace is the common question for users, Lakshmi Vacuum gives you the idea about Vacuum Furnace and we sale Vacuum furnace by using high quality material. Lakshmi Vacuum Technologies was the world class manufacturer of Low Pressure ...<<more>>

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With our extensive range of processes, and with over 60 furnaces for vacuum heat treating & brazing services, ranging from lab-size research and development furnaces to the largest commercial vacuum furnace (48 feet long, 150,000 pound capacity), you will realize innovative and efficient solutions....<<more>>

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Thompson Industries - A TSI Company is an industrial supplier of aluminum vacuum brazing, braze, brazing, brazing services, dip brazing, exchangers, furnace brazing, heat exchangers, heat transfer, vacuum brazing....